Our mission is to help others believe that in treating yourself you can Treat your health

We want you to be proud to be healthy, and for others to envy your healthy choices. We want you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be, physically and mentally.


Squirrel Sisters

We are the Squirrel Sisters, a nickname which has stuck with us since childhood (Squirrel rhymes with our surname ‘Tyrrell’ and is much more fun to say!). Coincidentally and perhaps luckily, we also love nuts!

We believe that there doesn’t need to be a choice between health and fun… we want both in abundance!

We strive to achieve a lifestyle where these can go hand in hand so we get the best of both worlds; the perks of being healthy without compromising on fun.

We are passionate about health, wellbeing and both physical and mental nourishment. We have spent the last few years perfecting our recipes, trying different diet/lifestyle plans to find out how different foods affect the way we feel, given meditation, yoga and all sorts of zen and endorphin-inducing activities a go… all in the quest to work out what makes us the happiest versions of us.

We have done this at the same time as enjoying spending lots of time out and about with our friends, eating too much at Christmas with the family, going on holidays and generally enjoying ourselves.

What people are saying about Squirrel snacks

Squirrel Sisters
  • "Squirrel Sister bars are perfect for pre or post workout as well as a healthy sweet treat after a meal. I loved having mine crumbled on top of my breakfast smoothie or porridge too. All the flavours are so tasty..my favourite is raspberry ripple!"

    Lottie Murphy, Pilates Instructor, Model & Healthy Lifestyle Blogger

  • "As Mother Squirrel, original producer of the two delightful Squirrel Sisters, despite being related my opinion is based on my own experience of eating enormous numbers of Squirrel Bars during the development process. I can say with my hand on my heart that I love this product and am so proud that the girls have succeeded in producing something that tastes so good and is good for you."

    Jean Tyrrell, Mother of the Squirrel Sisters

  • "Finally, a genuinely healthy bar that actually tastes good! Squirrel Sisters simple, clean ingredients are nutrient dense and are free of added sugars. They're a great source of plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, making them an awesome post-workout recovery bar or afternoon pick me up. I recommend my clients snack on these good for you treats!"

    Laura Thomas, PhD, Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate

  • "I'm always hungry, so having a Squirrel Sisters Cacao Brownie within reach is a game changer. Delicious, totally natural, and (thankfully) portion controlled... without compromising on the indulgence-factor. I'm a huge fan!"

    Lauren Armes, Founder of Well To Do London

  • "Delicious and nutritious snack bars, beautifully packaged by an even more beautiful duo."

    Madeleine Shaw, Nutrition Coach & Author of ‘Get the Glow’