About Time Magazine- Top 30 Healthy Food Brands To Watch In 2016

Featured in About Time Magazine Top 30 healthy food brands to watch in 2016

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Snippet of article:

30. For a Healthy Treat: Squirrel Sisters

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What: Delicious treats made with natural ingredients, such as dates, sunflower seeds, almonds and coconut. There’s three flavours to choose from – Coconut Cashew, Raspberry Ripple and Cacao Brownie. We love the Coconut Cashew – the creamy texture of cashew with the delicious taste of coconut, so good. The bars are all gluten-free, vegan, raw, paleo and have no added sugar. They are taste great, which helps.

Why: The Squirrel Sisters are two sister bloggers who are passionate about health, wellbeing and nourishment. They have spent the last few years perfecting recipes, trying different lifestyle plans, yoga and all sorts of endorphin-releasing fun. They have just launched the Squirrel Sisters brand – creating accessible products that make you feel proud to be healthy.

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