It’s our first #GirlPower Series of the new year! To kick the year off with a bang we have the incredibly inspiring Olivia Wollenberg, founder of Livia’s Kitchen



1. For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…

I’m Olivia and I founded a company called Livia’s Kitchen just over two years ago when I myself was diagnosed with lots of intolerances! I’m the biggest sugar monster so not being able to have a gooey jam filled doughnut or chocolate frosted cupcake was a nightmare for me; preservatives also make me really ill so the free-from aisle at the time, didn’t have much to satisfy my sweet tooth either. I figured that if I was looking for nutritious treats that also tasted indulgent and delicious, then other people must have been too! Since then, I’ve launched a cookbook featuring over 100 dessert recipes, started a series of cream-free cream tea events in London and launched my range of Raw Millionaire Bites!

2. How do you #TreatYourHealth

Ooo, I think for me, health is all about balance! I have to exercise, (partly because I am often eating cake at 11am) but also because I find that it’s the best way to destress and relax. Eating well is definitely a big part of health too; I tend to have salads at lunch time with lots of kale and avocado and then I’m all about the raw chocolate in the afternoon!

3. How do you fuel yourself on a busy day

I pretty much always start the day with a bowl of porridge! We have so many nut butters and jars of random toppings at the office so we all tend to eat breakfast there whilst we have our morning catch up and planning session. For lunch, I love big bowls or kale, quinoa, avocado, roasted veg – literally whatever is in the fridge! Then, to get through the afternoon dip, I usually have treats if my elves have been baking or bites if I’m out and about.

4. Talk us through your typical work day

I don’t really have a typical work day. I live fairly near to the office so I always try to walk in and then spend a couple of hours going through emails. My afternoons vary a lot! Some days I’ll be doing new product development, others I’ll be sourcing packaging, filming Instagram videos or going to meetings– every day is different!

5. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

I take inspiration from so many people! I found Cheryl Sandberg’s book really inspiring, she’s obviously very successful and I love her passion for feminism within the workplace. I think the wellness world as a whole, is a huge source of inspiration! There are so many people doing incredible things so watching their successes is always a great source of motivation. And Beyoncé of course because who isn’t inspired by her!?

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I’d definitely hope to have lots more products on the shelves! I’m also planning to export within the next five years so fingers crossed we would be in America and Australia – I’d love to spend some time in both of those places getting the LK name out there!

7. How do you relax and switch off

Exercising! Since starting LK I find it very hard to switch off but there’s not much time to think about factories, products and Instagram videos when you’re in a class. I’m a big fan of psycle, I go there at least twice a week and then I love the occasional one rebel class too.

8. Who do you love ‘stalking’ on social media?

I find Kate Hudson hilarious – When Instagram stories launched, I was checking hers daily!! Foodie wise, healthsynergy and a.healthy.nut always make me hungry.

9. What does #GirlPower mean to you?

There are lots of strong, hardworking women in the wellness world; I think it’s amazing to see women leading their own companies and doing amazing things. Really that’s all #GirlPower is; being able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to and believing in yourself enough to achieve it.

10) One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

I think I would tell myself to trust my instinct. When I was younger I had a lot less conviction in my own opinion and would sometimes ignore my gut feeling in case it was wrong or I messed up! Since starting LK I’ve followed my instinct a lot more, which occasionally means ignoring the advice of someone more experienced. I think ultimately, you know what is right for you or your company and it’s important to trust that!

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