Our mission is to help others believe that in treating yourself you can TREAT YOUR HEALTH

Squirrel Sisters

We are Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell- sisters and founders of Squirrel Sisters award-winning snacking brand.

We are sisters that are on a mission to revolutionise the snacking and confectionary category with our multi award-winning snacks. For far too long snack bars and confectionary have been filled with sugars, syrups and artificial sweeteners but we believe it’s possible to have great tasting snacks, which do not contain any of these things. We believe you can have great tasting, healthy snacks that use only natural ingredients. This is our commitment to our consumer.

We have a range of multi award-winning snacks that are vegan, gluten-free, 100% natural and contain no added sugar. We are one of the only snacking brands in the UK that does not add any syrups or sugar alternatives to our products, which is why we have been certified by Sugarwise.

We launched our business in 2015 after Sophie underwent major heart surgery after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Wolfe-Parkinson-Whyte. After the surgery Sophie became quite unwell and sensitive to gluten and sugar.

We were living together in Balham at the time, so Gracie was able to look after her. Gracie started making the bars for Sophie while she was recovering so she could have something delicious and indulgent to eat that was also 100% natural and contained no added sugar.

Our snacks can be found in over 2000 stores across the UK in retailers like Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and hundreds of independent cafes and shops.

T R E A T . Y O U R . H E A L T H
When we launched squirrel Sisters we ago we came up with this slogan because it represents everything Squirrel Sisters is about… making healthy fun and delicious. We create healthy products that taste like a treat…. products that enable you to treat yourself while treating your health. Delicious products made with real, natural, kitchen cupboard ingredients that are indulgent and delicious. Treats with all the added health benefits.

So go on… #TreatYourHealth with Squirrel Sisters