It is definitely a fine juggling act having a baby and running a business, so I have to be pretty strict about my routine and make the most of the time that Lola (our 1 year old daughter) is asleep. And find ways around it when she doesn’t nap when she’s meant to or needs entertaining when I’m busy..


This is my routine (on a good day…) during lockdown:

6am – up, cup of tea & straight to work

When Lola wakes up Ian gets up, does her breakfast and looks after her until his working day starts at 9.30am

9.30am – Lola naps so I try and meditate if I have time, and also have a coffee

10am – Lola’s up and our time together starts. Usually in the morning we go for a walk along the river together and stop to look at the ducks. I try and get out every day as it’s so good for both of us! Before lockdown we would go to a class once a week during this time which she loved.

12pm – Lola has her lunch and I usually try and look at my emails and update my to-do list. I do tend to look at my phone to check/do emails, a lot when I’m with her, but I make a conscious effort to spend time without it and give her my full attention too.

1.30pm – Lola goes down for her nap and I’ll work until she wakes. On a good day this is usually until 3pm, on a bad day….she doesn’t nap and I have to take her out in the pram so she goes down.

3pm – Time with Lola again, if I haven’t gone out in the morning I’ll use this time to go out. Sometimes we go to the park as it’s so relaxing and I find I can do a bit of work as Lola loves watching other kids & dogs and I think it’s really good for her to play a bit independently too (so long as I’m there and it’s safe). I would take her swimming one afternoon a week before lockdown too which we both really loved.

5pm – Lola’s dinner time….usually pasta, usually ends up on the floor!

6pm – start her ‘wind down’ and bedtime routine which is a bath, story & bottle of milk. Ian and I take turns doing this. He does it on days where I’ve had Lola most of the day, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays he takes her until he puts her down for her lunch nap and I do the evenings then. During this time I try to catch up on the last bits for the day and also plan what I need to be doing the next day.  If I don’t have too much urgent work to do I will sometimes attempt a workout

7ish / whenever I’ve finished my work – I will make some dinner for me & Ian. I often try and make something where I can put a bit aside for Lola to have the next day. Usually we’ll then watch a boxset (at the moment we’re watching Mad Men again) and then I try and turn my phone off by about 9, have a bath and get into bed so I can wind down a bit before I try and sleep.


Some things that make my life easier

  • CBeebies & Netflix – sometimes when you need a bit more time to do something, there is no shame in putting the TV on for a bit. Especially if you’ve been woken up at the crack of dawn or the baby won’t nap!
  • Pre-made food – it’s so hard to cook meals with all the ‘right things’ in them every day, especially when they get thrown on the floor and you’re tired and busy. We use delicious frozen finger food from Little Senses for days where a break and Lola needs tasty goodness
  • Podcasts & audiobooks– when I’m walking & Lola is napping, I love listening to podcasts as I still feel like I’m learning and being inspired even when I’m away from my desk (and my daily routine is messed up from not being able to work in the nap)
  • Sprout– the first discount hub exclusively for new and expecting parents. I joined Sprout when it 1st launched and LOVED it. You get amazing discounts on great brands like JoJo Maman Bébé, Snoozeshade, Mama Mio Skincare and so many more. You can join from pregnancy until your baby turns 1 (18 month membership).