You’ve spent all the time prepping for the baby, but have then gone through the equivalent of god-knows how many marathons from growing your baby through to giving birth when you start life with your newborn. So…it is important to remember that you are allowed to think about what you need during this time.  Happy Mum really does mean Happy Baby so you are doing the best thing by prioritizing yourself sometimes.  These are some things that Sophie found really helpful in the first couple of months…


  1. Nipple balm!

Didn’t realize that nipple balm was for prevention as well as cure….get this on as soon as your little one starts feeding (if you have chosen / are able to breast-feed) as those nipples get sore quickly. MooGoo Mudder Udder Balmwas the best and within a couple of days my nipples were a lot less sore. I also used silver cupsto help heal them which are a bit of an investment but really do work.


  1. Hot Chocolate

A hot, sweet and delicious hot chocolate was what I lived for in the first couple of weeks….so comforting an made me feel cosy, relaxed and the cocoa and sweetness gave me a little boost.  It became a little ritual for us in the evenings when we’d turn the lights down and try to get Lola used to ‘night-time’ and felt really lovely.


  1. Easy and Nutritious Snacks

I couldn’t have been more grateful to have a snack business in the early days…I wasn’t even aware of whether I’d eaten or not and then get suddenly STARVING. All I wanted was sweet treats so reaching for a Squirrel Bar was such a savior as it satisfied me, gave me energy but also kept me going unlike having sugary sweet treats.


  1. Comfy Loungewear

Investing in some comfy clothes / things to wear at night and around the house will make you feel so much nicer at a time where you don’t even know what you’re feeling. This White Company night-shirt (buttons are great if you are breast-feeding) and my Ugg Slippers were constantly worn and always made me feel a bit better as I was so comfortable when I wore them.


  1. Self-care for new mums book

This is a really cute little book that give you some nice tips about how to look after yourself, recipe ideas, explanations about what is going on and just a nice, easy-to-read book to have next to you when you’re feeding or cuddling your baby.


  1. A good nursing bra (if breastfeeding)

Comfort here again is key….and also easy access is good when you have a hangry baby. H&M and M&S do some good comfy ones – Mumba Bra also do great ones as you can use the clips on it to remind you of which boob you fed from last.


  1. A Changing Bag you actually like

Seeing as you need to go equipped with a lot of nappies, constant hydration for you and snacks, a large bag is necessary. Tiba & Marl do some really lovely ones that don’t make you feel too mumsy if backpacks aren’t your usual style (they do both backpacks and shoulder bags)


  1. On-demand TV & Kindle with good books downloaded

Guilt-free boxset binges are the one of the best things about the first couple of weeks (aside from your little bundle of joy of course!)  Whether it’s Planet Earth repeats….or the new Hills reality series, getting comfy and watching hours of TV whilst cuddling your newborn is a must!  Especially if you’re up in the night feeding.  When you’re after a bit more serenity, reading books on your kindle in low light is also a calm and lovely thing to do – just make sure the books don’t require too much brain power.


  1. Meals from Cook in the freezer

Cooking some home-cooked batch-meals is a great thing to do before the baby arrives, but if you don’t have time and / or want a bit more variety then Cook do some fantastic comfort food which is all really convenient, cook from frozen and is homemade quality.  We still have Cook meals on a weekly basis, but in those first few weeks it’s really all we ate as nourishment and good energy is so important.


  • A tracking app

This isn’t something to get too obsessed by but is really helpful so that you don’t have to rely on your memory when the midwife asks about feeding and nappies. It’s also really interesting to look back on and see how your baby’s patterns change as time goes on.  I use Huckleberry and am only tracking feeding now just so that I don’t have to rely on my memory and can see