It seems that weaning is a different story for every parent and baby….which changes on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, especially when new teeth are involved.  As we want Lola to be as obsessed with food as we are we thought we’d share some things which we’ve found really useful whilst getting Lola to become a ‘foodie’…


High Chair

Lola has sat on a floor with a muslin tucked into her outfit, but generally I’ve found it really useful to have a high chair at home, especially as they can stay put when you’re getting things ready and also are at your level if you’re eating together. The Baby Bjorn one is expensive new but I got mine off ebay for £40. It’s really sturdy, even when she kicks so much I think the terrible twos have come early and there is a removable tray which is really handy so I can just take it off before she re-puts clean hands in rejected food.



Very quickly realized that we needed waterproof bibs so I bought a nice long-sleeved bib to protect her clothes, then I was sent this neoprene bib from Bibetta, which has been so useful especially as the long-sleeved bibs are up to 2 years so it’s a bit big on Lola. A must for babies who like to throw food around, and I think all babies do :-/


Floor mat

We initially bought a lino table cloth which has been really good, but we also got this non-slip splash mat from TotsAhoy! on Amazon which I do really like and it’s good to take to other people’s houses (especially when eating messy food that gets thrown on the floor and you don’t have to ruin other people’s carpets (or your own floor!)



Something I realized one day when Lola was really grumpy was that you need to also give them water, especially when you’ve dropped a feed / not feeding on demand. The Mam sippy cup is great when we’re out and about and Lola learnt really quickly to drink from it (because it also doesn’t spill!) and then Babycup First cups are brilliant when they have a bib on…it’s amazing how quickly Lola learnt to sip from the cup. She’s still not trusted to hold it when full, but when holding an empty cup has gone to drink from it!



Although Lola generally has food on her high chair tray, we are slowly introducing a bowl and we were sent a really lovely bowl from Doidy which thankfully has a sucker on the bottom so when she gets bored of food and wants to play, it doesn’t go anywhere. Doidy also do really lovely cups which are helpful when learning to drink from a proper cup.


Other useful things…

  • Antibacterial Wipes – just makes things so much quicker and then you can give back your baby’s food without worrying when they throw things on the floor. I found Milton wipes really good for this.
  • Flatter plastic spoons – Lola found them easier to eat off when we started with the odd bit of porridge, yoghurt etc
  • Young Gums Recipe book for inspiration (and reassurance!)
  • Reusable face cloths – nice to have something soft and also more sustainable. I used a brand called Little Gubbins from Amazon
  • Our Cookbook Naturally Delicious Snacks and Treats from Amazon.

Small tupperware – just loads of it to store various chopped food and leftovers! And to freeze things you batch make.