You don’t need to look to holidays for new experiences & relaxation

This time has forced me to relax at home and find new things to fulfill me that I can do at home…my  number one has been jigsaws! And I’ve just started trying to make gluten-free sourdough


You don’t have to be with people physically to spend time together

Sometimes communication dwindles when you can’t find a time to see someone, but actually just picking up the phone, facetiming or having a group zoom quiz is such a lovely time to interact with those you love but can’t see. There are so many people we didn’t get to see as much as we’d like, so this has actually been an opportunity to feel so much more connected


What is really important to me

I’ve always enjoyed my life and love everything I have,  but without being able to look ahead to holidays, events and things that aren’t happening in the here and now, it’s enabled me to find a lot of satisfaction and joy in what I have. And without being able to do everything I’d like to (like see my family & friends), it’s made me realize what is really important in the grand scheme of things.