August Favourites

Here’s what we’ve been loving throughout August (mostly food!) …. click on the pictures to find out more about the products we’ve been enjoying.


Squirrel Sisters Monthly Favourites


1) Anthropologie- Petal Palette Monogram Mug

We love tea and having a nice mug to drink it out of makes it even better. We love these letter mugs, it’s special having one that’s just yours… and they make gorgeous gifts; Squirrel Sister Gracie got one for a bridesmaids present from one of her best friends, which is such a cute idea.


2) Propercorn- Sweet & Salty

We love Propercorn… it’s made using the best quality butterfly corn, which gives it a distinctively light and crunchy texture. It’ s also a brilliant source of wholegrain fibre, its gluten-free and vegetarian and all servings are under  130 kcal. We also LOVE their range of flavours… our fav is the sweet and salty!


3) Ombar- Coco Mylk

Absolute heaven! Coco Mylk bar is spelt with a Y because it’s incredibly creamy just like milk chocolate, but without any of the dairy! It’s made with a blend of raw cacao, coconut cream and caramel tasting coconut sugar and to top it off, it’s enriched with a healthy dose of live cultures!


4) Liberto- Edamame Pasta 

We absolutely love pasta but it can be quite heavy and Sophie has a gluten intolerance so we love it when we find healthier alternatives that she can eat as well. We are obsessed with this edamame pasta… it’s gluten-free and only takes a few minutes to cook! It’s also high in protein and fibre as well as being much lower in carbs that traditional pasta.

For recipe inspo click here


5) Dr.Ceuticals- Sculpting Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite… can you ever get rid of it? Who knows! What we do know is moisturising your skin keeps it smooth and hydrated so when we heard about Dr.Ceuticals Sculpting Cellulite treatment, which has been specially formulated to help firm skin making it feel tighter and appear more toned we had to try it out. What’s nice is it’s not greasy… rub the gel it into clean dry skin and it absorbs instantly so you can get dressed straight away- perfect if you don’t have time to wait for a product to dry. Really impresses with the results so far!


6) Good Life Eatery

We had a meeting at The Good Life Eatery recently and decided to go a bit earlier so we could try out the breakfast. We had an Acai Bowl (Gracie’s choice), The Huevos Loco (Sophie’s choice) and a blueberry muffin each (which was vegan)! The food was insane, so so good and great sized portions. We are already planning our next visit….


7) ManiLife- Deep Roast 

We recently did a product swap with the ManiLife office and are now hooked on their peanut butter. The Deep Roast flavour is incredible and so indulgent! They use Argentine hi-oleic peanuts which are sweet and have a fat profile akin to olive oil so basically they are really good for you! What we love most about ManiLife if the large chunks of peanuts…. they blend have the mix and then add whole halves at the end… a perfect mix of smooth and crunchy.


8) Rude Health Mini Almond Milk- £1.50Mini-Almond-website-680x816We are on the go a lot so when Rude Health launched a mini travel size almond milk we got VERY excited. It’s made with creamy crushed almonds blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. The rice brings its own natural sweetness and the pocket size makes it perfect for travelling.