Can the Coronavirus result in positive changes?

We understand that this is a very sensitive subject; our family’s health is at risk and people are losing their jobs – it is a very tough time, so we wanted to address a question around whether at the end of this there will be any positives when we come out of the other side.


We believe that there will be, and here is why…


  1. Businesses that have weathered the storm will have had to learn to embrace flexible working

Enabling all members of staff to be able to work remotely will have huge benefits and mean that we will see a shift in traditional family roles. An example, is that Design Agencies often have to work in teams and it’s hard for Ian to get home to pick Lola up from nursery and he has to leave early meaning that as a family, we have no choice for me to do this. Once we come out the other side, hopefully his company will ensure he’s able to work from home at least one day a week.


  1. Communities will become much stronger

We are restricted in a lot of ways, but this situation is affecting every single person, from job worries to family health concerns. This has forced us to stop, take stock of what is important and reach out to our friends and family through whatever means of communication we can do. There are even online communities developing like singing groups!


  1. Those with ‘pre-existing’ conditions are seen and cared for

Unless you have a physically visible ailment, those who are constantly dealing with either physical or mental issues behind the scenes are being made the focus of the survival of this pandemic. Communities are reaching out to those in need to help make these people a priority in our world at the moment.


  1. Connectivity for good

Social media gets such a bad wrap, and for very good reason, but self-isolation is forcing us to get the best out of being able to talk to our friends, families and colleagues via different online connectivity. People are using their platforms for good and coming together to help others through this tough time.


  1. Resetting our attitude to consumption

Society talks about eliminating food wastage and using what we need and this is the perfect time to practice this….we have been put in a position where we have to ensure we use what we have and hopefully this will be something that continues once we’ve overcome this pandemic.