Top 5 Podcasts

One of our favourite ways to switch off and have a bit of ‘me time’ is by listening to a podcast. Whether its’ in the bath, on a afternoon stroll or just at home. You can shut off from the world while being informed. There are so many brilliant podcasts out at the moment so we’ve listed some of our favourite…

  1. The High Low

Dolly and Pandora discuss high brow and low brow news and events that have happened throughout the week….perfect for those of you who wish you kept up with current affairs more regularly (as they fill you in and give you a very balanced view) who also love to hear about more trivial things that are happening around the world (especially in the celeb world).  They’re hilarious and so easy to relate to, and we listen to it religiously as soon as it’s available!

  1. Winging It

This is a fantastic podcast for those of you who have their own business or are looking for a more inspiring career. Lucy Hitchcock has weekly guests who’ve been through it before and gives a realistic view on what it’s like to have your own business – very refreshing to hear the challenges that different people goes through and inspiring to hear how they overcame them.

  1. Conversations of Inspiration

Holly Tucker, founder of Not On The Highstreet and Holly & Co, talks to a range of people who’ve started their own businesses. From big brand founders like Jo Malone, Tamara of Mr & Mrs Smith and Edwrd of Cook, to smaller creative businesses like Emily of The Happy News and Zack of Paper & Wood. It’s so so interesting to hear how they all started and got to where they are today. All the founders she talks to have real purpose so are all such an inspiring listen, especially when you hear the letter they’ve written to their younger self at the end (be warned; this will bring tears to your eyes!)

  1. Guilty Feminist

Deborah Frances-Whyte is absolutely hilarious, passionate and inspiring in her podcast. The format is that she interviews 2-3 guests on a live panel, and there is usually a performance (e.g. stand up or a song) section from Deborah and her guests.  She touches on really important issues related to feminism as well as controversial current affairs, which she addresses in a really well balanced way and brings comedy into her discussions.  We always go to it as a light-hearted listen (as it’s so funny) but it always ends up really inspiring us. We’ve also seen this live and it’s a great evening out!

  1. Table Manners

Jessie Ware & her mum Lennie cook dinner for a guest each episode and have a chat in between courses.  They are both so likeable and their relationship as mother & daughter is lovely and very funny.  They have great guests on there, so always really interesting to listen to, but they also talk about food too (one of our favourite topics).  It’s essentially the perfect podcast for the nosy foodie!


Other podcasts we have to mention because we also LOVE them…

  • Made By Mammas– Zoe & Georgia talk to some really interesting and well-known guests on their podcasts talking all about parenthood with funny stories and very useful info along the way for those who are about to become parents or already are
  • Don’t Salt My Game by Laura Thomas PHD– Laura is on a mission to change diet culture and help people ‘get their shit together around food’.Her podcast is really informative and actually really helps understand how to ‘be normal’ around food.
  • Food For Thought by Rhiannon Lambert– Rhiannon Lambert is a leading Nutritionist and Master Practitioner. Rhiannon’s podcasts will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle, believing food should always be a positive aspect of life, offering enjoyment, fuel and happiness for both the mind and body.
  • Happy Place by Fearne Cotton– this is such a lovely podcast, Ferne is a brilliant interviewer and her guests all have really inspiring stories
  • How I built This by Guy Raz– American founders’ stories, really interesting especially when you remember that these huge global brands had to start somewhere.
  • Teacher’s Pet– if you liked Serial you will LOVE this, based in Australia, a journalist goes back through an unsolved missing person’s case from the 80’s