Be H-Appy this year

Written by Sophie

Health isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about being happy and having things in your life which contribute to a balanced outlook and lifestyle. Apps are a fantastic way of having information at your fingertips, recording ideas and getting inspiration. Here are a few of our favourites which we believe lead to a healthier and happier Squirrel Sister.




This is definitely the number one app! It’s a really easy introduction to bringing meditation into your life. It starts off with 10 minute daily guided meditations and then you can go up from there as you progress (after the initial 10 days) if you want to. It’s great because you can always find 10 minutes and it’s a really easy and nice way to bring meditation into your life. There have been so many studies to show the benefits of meditation and its really a way to ground you and help you deal with stress which can be a big cause of illness and bad health these days.




This is an app to track your monthly cycle. There’s been more ‘buzz’ around women getting to know and understand themselves better & the importance of educating yourself around your cycle, understand your feelings (mental and physical), potential and limitations. It seems to become more of a hot topic since there is a lot more stress and pressure in day-to-day life and difficulty in getting pregnant. Clue is a great way to track your cycles, how you’re feeling. This is especially important if you’re planning to have a baby soon! (for any friends reading this, don’t get suspicious!)


My Fitness Pal


This is one that always gets mentioned when talking about weight loss, but it’s also really good for a number of other things. It helps you to understand the impact of the food you’re having on your health (e.g. how much sugar things really contain, are you having enough carbs, enough fibre etc) and also helps you understand if you’re eating enough (or too much). It can help you to plan meals if you want to shop in bulk, make sure that you’re buying what you need and not wasting food




This app is brilliant and rewards you for being active! If you have an iphone with the ‘health app’, activity tracker (like Fitbit) or even apps like Runkeeper etc then it’ll sync your ‘Earthmiles’ automatically and you start to build up points which you can redeem against different products/services like clothes, fitness classes…and even Squirrel Bars.


Yoga Studio


What better way to get some more zen in your life than an easy to follow yoga sequence in your pocket. They have different levels, types of sequence (e.g. strength, flexibility, combined) and different lengths (from 15 mins to 60 mins). If you’re not keen on cardio/intense workouts (don’t feel bad – they’re not for everyone and can cause more stress than positive impact if they’re not suited to you) or just want to add a bit of stretching and mindful movement then this is perfect for you!