Home Fitness

Here are some of our favourite at home workouts that we’ve been loving during lockdown…

1. Nathalie Clough Pilates

I (Gracie) was seeing Nathalie weekly at her house before lockdown started. When we found out that we would have to stay at home Nathalie quickly adapted her business and moved her classes online, which I was so pleased about. I now enjoy my class with her every Wednesday morning via Zoom, for me they really are a great way to start the day. Nathalie’s hope is that you leave each session feeling connected, with increased body awareness, free from pain and tuned into your body and I always feel that way after every session. Another amazing thing Nathalie has been doing is offering free 20 min classes at 6pm every night LIVE on her Instagram

2. Mamawell

Mamawell is fantastic for pre/post-natal working out. Rosie is a mother and currently pregnant and delivers challenging but doable workouts for those who want to stay fit during pregnancy or get back into it after. Check out her Instagram for a taste of what the Mamawell Method is like.

3. Frame Online

Frame have also moved online and their workouts are great for those who love high energy classes and miss getting that from visiting cool studios in London, this is a great resource. It’s £10.99 a month but you get a good number of classes – the 80’s Aerobics and Dance Cardio are our faves!

4. YouTube

YouTube has so many amazing workouts that you can do for free. One we are particularly loving at the moment is Joe Wicks no equipment HIIT workout

5. Staircase Interval Training

If you have a staircase at home you can create a seriously hardcore workout. I (Gracie) live in a flat block which has 5 floors, so a LOT of stairs! If I want an intense workout I run up the stairs as fast as I can then take my break as I slowly walk back down then repeat this several times (I usually manage around 10 sets  due to how many stairs there are).