How & Why I got into Meditation

Why I got into meditation:

A few years ago I’d just moved back from Singapore, we were living with friends and I had recently started working with Gracie on Squirrel Sisters when Ian got really ill. He was pretty much bedridden and we didn’t know how or when he would get better.  I was so stressed out by it and I just couldn’t handle it mentally. I started to feel that I wasn’t myself and wanted to change that.


  • Our Mum introduced me to the 8 week ‘Being Mindful’ course and the write up sounded like it was exactly what I needed.
  • I needed a bit of extra support and as it was a group you had to attend (you can do online now, but for me going in person kept me committed as I was struggling with motivation for anything!) it felt like the right thing for me to sign up for


There are many ways in which you can get into meditation and mindfulness without committing to a full course and there are a lot of online resources but this way really helped me.


How meditation helped me:

  • It gave me a ‘toolbox’ of things I could use when life throws various challenges at you.
  • When I do it consistently I notice a real mental and physical shift (no more tired and wired feelings).
  • It has enables me to be present and manage stress and not worry so much about the has-beens or will-bes


This is the online version of the course I did with Tessa Watt which is actually approved by the NHS


If you want to explore meditation/mindfulness then here are some other resources: