Wake up Happy

Wake up Happy

Your morning can help set the tone for the rest of the day so here are our top tips on how to wake up feeling good.


Prepare yourself for the next day

By organising small tasks for the next day the night before, it can make things a lot more doable in the morning when things are already prepared! We like to prep our lunch, sort outfits for the next day and make sure our bags are ready packed to go as soon as we are, so you don’t stress in the morning.


Take time at night

Taking the time to sleep well and get an early night means you’re more likely to wake up well. Relax your body before you go to sleep by avoiding all stimulating devices 30 mins prior to bedtime. Screens can be draining so by doing an activity such as reading or a short meditation before sleep can help your body to relax.


Let the light in 

Leaving the curtains or blinds partially open when it’s bedtime allows the light fill your room so when day breaks you can start to wake naturally instead of getting the usual shock from your alarm. Which allows for a much more energising and bright way to wake up and feel rejuvenated.


The beauty of an early morning

There’s nothing worse than rushing, allow yourself time to wake up well by waking up 20 minutes earlier than you normally would. Those precious extra minutes mean you can take your time first thing to start your day with a nice herbal tea and ease into your routine. Everything will seem easier when you don’t have to rush.


Time for Breakfast

Don’t make the common mistake and skip the most important meal of the day! Starting off with a healthy breakfast is essential, leave yourself enough time to sit down and enjoy your meal so you don’t get to work ‘Hangry’.