What I’m Grateful For (in Lockdown)

Lockdown has certainly got us all reflecting. It’s the first time in most of our lives where we’ve been forced to stop and just be.

It’s mental health awareness week so we both wanted to reflect on how this time in lockdown has made us feel.

For me, mentally, this time to pause has been invaluable. It’s allowed me to re-evaluate what’s actually important to me… what makes me feel fulfilled and what gives me purpose.

Like for many of you, it’s also made me appreciate the smaller things. I feel so grateful for things that I didn’t even notice before because I was so busy rushing around mindlessly, filling my time with things that were actually quite meaningless.

So here’s just some of the things that i’ve become grateful for while in lockdown:

  1. Nature: I live in a flat block that backs onto a park and I have a beautiful view of the tree’s. I had always appreciated the view but during lockdown I’ve loved just sitting on my bed and looking outside my widow at the tree’s moving in the wind and breathing it all in. It sounds so cheesy writing that down but it’s true!
  2. Time to really cook: I’ve always loved cooking but but being at home 24/7 has enabled me to really experiment in the kitchen.  With restaurants closed due to lockdown it’s forced all of us back in the kitchen and i’ve absolutely loved it.
  3. Being outdoors: I didn’t realise what was on my doorstep until lockdown. I have loved going for walks/runs and discovering new exciting routes along the river and park that I would never have found if lockdown hadn’t happened. I was so used to my routine of going to a stuffy gym 3-4 times a week that I missed out on the beautiful outdoors right on my doorstep.
  4. Peace and Quiet: This is probably more noticeable to those that live in London or in cities. Less cars on the road, no planes or trains keeping you up at night. It’s been so lovely to have a bit of peace from all the noise.
  5. The slower pace of life: I have loved being more relaxed day to day. Taking each day as it comes and putting less pressure on myself. Before lockdown it was always such a battle balancing work life, social life, personal life… to the point where I would wear myself out and feel quite stressed (I know a lot of my friends and family feel the same). So lockdown has taken this pressure off and enabled me to re set.