10 Reasons Why Protein is Beneficial to Your Body

Written By Gracie

Here are my top 10 reason why protein is so essential for a healthy functioning body:

1) Protein keeps you fuller for longer, meaning you are likely to consume fewer calories making it fantastic for people trying to lose weight and/or maintain their weight.

2) Protein encourages hair growth. Your hair is made of protein so it is essential that you consume it in order to keep your hair fuelled and healthy.

3) Protein contributes to better brain function.

4) Protein helps your body burn fat.

5) Protein is vital for you immune system to work properly

6) Protein helps balance out sugar levels in blood helping provide sustained energy throughout the day

7) Protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

8) Protein is a great source of magnesium and calcium, which support the normal functioning of muscles and iron, which contributes to normal oxygen transport from the atmosphere to your muscles as well as the rest of your body.

9) Protein is essential for your body to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals

10) Not only does protein build muscles but it also builds cartilage, skin and blood.