24 hours in Dublin…

Written By Gracie

We recently went to Ireland for a friends wedding so to make the most of the long weekend I thought it would be fun to spend a night in Dublin with Charlie seeing as neither of us had ever been.

Our lovely Irish friend Kelly sent us an incredible list of recommendations to help us make the most of the 24 hours we had in the city and here’s what we go up to…


(We landed in Ireland at 9am)

Avoca– Breakfast 

3 people recommended this place to me… Kelly (Who’s Irish!), Emma (my oldest friend who lived in Dublin) and my Mum so it was a no brainer… we had to try it out! We rented a car at the airport and headed straight to Avoca as soon as we landed. It’s such a cute store with an ‘on the go’ mini food hall downstairs, a couple of floors with gifts and bits that you can buy and the restaurant upstairs.

I had avocado on sourdough with roasted tomatoes and rocket salad and shared a side of sausages with Charlie.


After breakfast we headed down to the ‘on the go’ food shop and shared a delicious caramel/Mars bar rice crispy square, which Kelly had highly recommended! It was heaven!



Peruke and Periwig– Guiness

Charlie had heard that Guiness tastes even better in Ireland so of course we had to see if this rumour was true…

We headed to Peruke and Periwig, which is a very quirky little pub that has a slight medieval feel about it. It was a real experience and we can confirm that Guiness in Ireland tastes great!



The Marker– Hotel

After finishing our beers we decided to head to our hotel and take advantage of it’s pool and spa. We hadn’t had much sleep as we were up early to get to the airport so couldn’t wait to have a bit of chill out time. The hotel is great! Modern, with a fun atmosphere and luxurious feel. We headed to our room, changed into swimwear and headed straight down to the pool!



Fresh– Lunch

We had built up quite an appetite after swimming so popped out to have a walk around the area and see what food we could find. I immediately spotted a place called Fresh, which is a bit like Whole Foods. We bought some lunch and a juice and enjoyed it by the water near our hotel. Fresh stock a lot Irish brands so I picked up a few different things to try out including these kale crisps, which were really lovely! The only complaint… they didn’t have any Squirrel Sisters bars 😉



The Marker– Rooftop Bar

We headed back to our hotel and got ready then headed down to the hotel bar for a drink. The hotel has a really cool roof top bar but it was realllyyyy cold so we sat down in the indoor area and enjoyed a couple of cocktails before heading out for some dinner. We couldn’t be bothered to walk too far so ended up at Pizza Express (not very Irish I know!). After this we headed back to the hotel and got an early night in preparation for the big wedding the next day in Arklow.