Our new series ‘The #GirlPower Series’ is back! Each month we interview strong, inspiring and talented women that are basically all round girl bosses. For the second in our series we interview the lovely Jenny Sleath, found of Lifebox. So grab a cup of tea, enjoy the read and be inspired…

1) For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…

Hi everyone! My name is Jen and I am the Chief of Lifebox – a healthy online subscription service o ering nourishing & delicious healthy snacks, ingredients, superfoods, raw goodies & more on a subscription or one o trial basis. Nourish your life and have a look at our sparkly website or instagram if you don’t know about LB ( / @lifeboxfoodco )

2) How do you #TreatYourHealth

#Treatingyourhealth is pretty easy in our office (although being constantly surrounded by delicious snacks even though they might be good for you can be a bit too tempting!) I make sure that the majority of the food and drink that I consume is as natural as possible, trying to make everything from scratch as life allows! I try and keep as active as possible too, I LOVE my exercise and try and do a variety of different training during the week (my road bike Rachael is my main gal though!)

3) How do you fuel yourself on a busy day

I always always always start my morning with a warm lemon water with Apple Cider Vinegar. I mix this up by adding different herbs / spices or add lime or orange juice instead. Hydration is key to me personally feeling great and our bodies need this more than anything after we have been sleeping and technically fasting for 8 hours!

My daily fuel tends to be a big bowl of quinoa porridge or a green smoothie of breakfast. I try and consume my carbs in the morning and personally I am quite sensitive to those bad boys! As I train a lot I have a high fat, high protein diet so my lunch will usually consist of salmon or chicken salad with loads of greens & veg. Dinner if I’m in a dash is usually some kind of stir fry – a healthy pad thai using peanut butter, lime juice and tamari is an utter winner when you’re short on time.

4) Talk us through your typical work day

5.30 alarm (i know I’m crazy!) Some kind of workout, social media post and then usually emails pre breakfast! Then it really depends what time of the month it is whether I will be at our warehouse sorting stock, researching and liaising with new brands / collabs, prepping food and photographing creations and products….theres lots to do and it is very much dependant on which stage of the month it is!

5) Who’s your biggest inspiration and why

Thats a really tough one. To be honest, I have met so many incredible people since I started Lifebox and continue to do so on a daily basis, each one has been an inspiration or motivation in their own individual ways. I have so much respect and admiration for people like Calgary and Julie Montagu for example who have had so much success AND are somehow able to run a family too – I struggle just looking after myself as well as LB, let alone children too. Inspiration comes from everywhere these days. On the food and wellness scene there are just too many to mention but i’ll name drop a few just because you should check them out, for pure #foodporn & general aesthetically pleasing photography if nothing else! Green Kitchen Stories are just incredible, Local Milk, My New Roots, Anna Jones – just fab.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I woud like to see Lifebox having grown nicely in 5 years time and I hope you have started my own little family too!

7) How do you relax and switch off

Yoga or pilates are great for relaxation as taking your mind away from any struggles or strife! I also find films are great for just “getting away from it all”, out of the real world for a short time if you can’t take a holiday every week!! Ha ha.

8) Who do you love ‘stalking’ on social media?
There are SO many – @georgeats (caffeine heavy 😉 _ @brownpapernutrition (stunning food) @orchardstlove (for the alchemy!) @sianmarshallpilates (her flexibility is just to die for!), Elizabeth Kirby @local_milk (JUST STUNNING PHOTOS), Punch foods because Alexandra is a genius. My list could take over this page so im going to stop!

9) What does #GirlPower mean to you?
I guess to me it means equality. Equal pay, equal rights and everyone being treated the same no matter your race, gender, background, sexual orientation, what you look like etc. Treat everyone like you wish to be treated. Like attracts like (its science 😉 )
10) One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Be positive and believe in yourself. No one can make you happy or fulfilled except YOU.