4 Week Detox Plan

Written by Sophie

After managing to get a bit healthier at the end of 2014, I went away to  Sri Lanka for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.  I was in holiday mode and let myself relax and enjoy all the delicious food over there…so now I am ready to kick-start myself back into health with a 4 week January detox starting today!

The main aim of this detox is to cut out alcohol and sugar (including all fruit) for a month and focus on eating clean and wholesome foods.  I am also going to increase my exercise as I will be climbing Mount Kinabula in Borneo on 31st so need to be in decent shape!

I have read so much about different detoxes and diets to do, it’s so hard to digest all the information out there, so I have decided to combine a few different approaches, taking a slightly more restrictive approach than James Duigan and his Clean and Lean, and a more lenient approach than the ‘Green Faces’ diet (where you can only eat green vegetables (except no avocados) and things which have a face (or would have, e.g. eggs).

Here are my rules for the next 4 weeks:


  • Bootcamp/PT sessions x 3 per week
  • Yoga x 1-2 hour sessions per week
  • Walking x 3 hours per week (broken up)


  • No alcohol whatsoever until the end of January
  • No sugar (including fruit – may review this after 2 full weeks as a lot of the detox diets do)
  • No dairy
  • Only allow starches 3x per week and these must follow high intensity exercise.  These are restricted to Oats (50g serving), Quinoa (50g serving – cooked), Sweet potato (1 medium sized), Pumpkin (1 cup)
  • Coffee – only 1 per day and must be black and consumed before 2pm (this ensures I don’t rely on it with only having 1 and it doesn’t affect my sleep, but I still get to enjoy my daily cup!)

I have tried to structure my detox a little more so that when I’m busy I have a reference guide for what I can eat, here it is below:

Allowed Portions/day
Aims: To include 1 portion of vegetables, protein and fats per meal
All green vegetables (including peppers) Unlimited
Limited: Tomatoes, Carrots Limited – 1 portion per day
No fruit except for lemons and limes Unlimited
All hebs and spices Unlimited
All fish (limit tinned) 1 portion per meal, 1 half portion per snack for all protein choice
All lean protein (i.e. with fat removed)
Avocado Up to 1/2 per day
Nuts Up to 20g per day
Seeds Up to 15g per day
Oil (Coconut, olive oil, any other nut/seed oil) Up to 1 tbsp (15ml) of oil collectively
Other things allowed
Tahini Use in moderation
Apple cider vinegar
Mustard (Dijon or Wholegrain – no added sugar)

Here are my meal ideas for the next few days which I will mix and match if I need to:


  1. 100g Baked fish (with 1 tsp coconut oil and thin slices of ginger and lemon), steamed green veg (broccoli and mange tout).  I made extra of this to have as an afternoon snack on the same day.
  2. Scrambled egg (1 egg plus 2 egg whites) and steamed greens
  3. 100g Smoked salmon with tomatoes


  1. Lentil Soup (Gracie’s recipe on the blog) with 12g of pumpkin seeds
  2. Chicken Breast with rocket and roast veg salad.  Apple cider and tahini dressing (literally a combination of the two with a little dijon mustard, salt and pepper – really easy to make and can just combine to your taste).
  3. Smoked salmon salad with 2 boiled egg whites (hard-boil as normal and then remove the yolks), rocket, tomatoes and onions


  1. Pan-fried salmon (with paprika sprinkled over the top) and roast veg.
  2. Baked salmon (with red onion and garlic), steamed broccoli and cauliflower and 1/4 avocado
  3. Healthy Bolognese (make sure the chopped tomato and tomato paste you use have no added sugar, and I’m afraid no red wine added to this one).  Serve with courgetti spaghetti.


  1. Baked fish (leftovers from breakfast) with steamed greens and 1/4 avocado
  2. 60g Chicken breast (prepared night before) with tomatoes and 20g nuts
  3. Hard-boiled egg with steamed greens and 10g nuts

At the end of week 1 I will give a full debrief on how I felt and what I ate (particularly when I was faced with being social rather than eating out of a tupperware box)!  I’ll also post some of my meals/snacks on our Instagram page.