5 Less Sinful Easter Chocolate Choices

Written by Sophie and Gracie

Who doesn’t love chocolate?!  The trick is to only treat yourself occasionally (although often easier said than done) and when you do go for the highest quality and ‘cleanest’ option….make it worth while and as beneficial for your body as you can.  As you’ve probably read – cocao and cacao have a lot of health benefits, but it’s all that processed dairy and sugar that can be the problem.  With this in mind we have sought 5 high-quality options for you to indulge in over the Easter weekend…in no particular order

1. Prestat Sea-Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate Easter Egg *Sophie’s favourite

Prestat are a high quality British confectionary company who pride themselves in trading fairly…with beautiful and bright packaging.  According to them, this egg is ‘packed with cocoa-dusted truffles filled with luscious full-cream caramel, the sweetness offset by the delightful sharp clarity of crystal sea-salt, this is the perfectly indulgent Easter egg.’


2. Hotel chocolat Rabot 1745 Extra Thick Easter Egg

Hotel chocolat pride themselves on the quality of their chocolate, their expertise in sourcing cocoa from around the world and the point of difference in bringing original flavours and formats to you….a great choice for Easter (or any time you fancy some chocolate!) This thick-walled Madagascan 72% dark chocolate easter egg hides 14 premium flavoured chocolates!  Presented in a gorgeous black box; a perfect treat for your best friend…or yourself!

300415_Easter 2015_Rabot extra thick


3. Booja Booja Easter Eggs *Gracie’s favourite (Hazelnut Crunch)

If you haven’t tried the Booja Booja products, you are missing out!  It’s hard to believe that these are gluten-free, dairy free and soy free!  They also only use high quality, organic ingredients….meaning that indulging in these is far from sinful.  They have created a beautiful collection of egg shaped packaging, which they have filled with truffles for Easter, that are not only delicious but extremely pleasing to the eye.  They are slightly more expensive than most, but the quality and taste are definitely worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.37.22 pm


4. Hotel Chocolat Milk Free Milk Goose Egg

Another one from Hotel Chocolat, this time for those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy.  Although the taste is still slightly closer to a richer/darker chocolate, this is perfect for those who want that creaminess and lighter taste of milk chocolate.  Plus it comes with a side of chocolate buttons which is always good.

300418_Easter 2015_Milkless Milk Happy Egg-1

4. Montezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate Chunky Egg

Montezuma’s high quality and delicious chocolate is a firm favourite in our two households.  Their philosophy is that great chocolate should be exactly that, so they ensure that every product is first and foremost delicious without compromising on taste…you won’t find them substituting quality for quirks, despite being innovative with their flavours.  We love this simple and delicious chunky organic dark chocolate egg.



Other ideas for chocolate lovers

Raw Chocolate treats: There are some fantastic brands out there at the moment making raw chocolate more accessible to us health conscious consumers.  Here is a great link we found where you can buy gifts in general, not just for Easter: http://www.therawchocolateshop.com/product-category/all-categories/gifts/

Raw chocolate making kit: For those who are really into their raw chocolate, this chocolate making kit is slightly more interactive and means you can have virtues chocolate all year round. Our mum has recently become a big fan of raw chocolate so we might get her this if she’s lucky! http://www.therawchocolateshop.com/shop/elements-life-raw-chocolate-making-kit/