6 things I’ve learnt in my 1st year of being a Mum

Lola is nearly a whole year old! And we all survived…

It’s been the most life changing year of my life so I wanted to share 6 things I’ve learnt since becoming a Mum..

  1. There are so many things out of my control and I just have to do my best
  2. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best (never leave the house without nappies – luck has never been on my side when tried)
  3. I am tougher than I think
  4. I have more confidence in a lot of areas of my life because I don’t have as much time to second guess everything
  5. However…I am more prone to ‘fragile’ moments (mentally & physically at different points) so have accept this and prioritise self-care and say no to things when necessary
  6. Nothing is forever and there is so much joy to be had