7 (Self Isolation) Date Ideas We Love

Self isolating means we’re having to be a bit more creative with our date night ideas. We are also trying to make sure we still have the occasional date night because it’s easy to forget or not bother when you’re at home with your partner 24/7. The good thing is that staying in means little to no money is spent but you still feel like you’re having a lovely date night.

1) Watch a funny film together. 

Laughter is the best medicine. Laughing with your partner is such a great way to relax with each other and feel good so we love putting on a funny film and zoning out.

2) Play a game while enjoying a glass of wine. 

Jenga is great, we love it and it’s much more fun with a glass of wine. If you haven’t got any games at home then there are lots online that you can play for free.

3) Take turns cooking for each other or cook together 

This is one of our favourite home date nights. To make it feel more like an ‘official’ date night we have been putting on nice clothes as if we are going out to a restaurant (rather than staying in our comfy clothes). Then we open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy cooking together.  We are very aware that some couples just can’t cook together (we definitely aren’t always in the mood for it) because it can cause arguments- ‘too many cooks’ and all that. So if you’re one of those couples then it might be better to take turns cooking for each other.

4) Give each other massages 

Usually one of our favourite ways to relax would be to treat ourselves to a massage, which isn’t possible to do right now because we are on lockdown. So we’ve been doing home massages with our partners. To make it extra special/ create the ‘spa’ experience we play relaxing music and lighting candles.

5) Get Creative 

Self lockdown has really brought out our creative side! There have been lots of different things we’ve been trying out but some of our favourite creative ideas are: making candles (you can buy candle making kits online), making homemade face masks that you can use together, challenging each other to paint pictures of the other one,  baking a cake.

6) Get Sweaty…

With gyms being shut we’e been exercising at home a lot. Doing it together makes it much more fun…there are so many free online workouts that you can choose from. You may have seen on Instagram that I (Gracie) was running up and down my stairs, so if you live in a flat or house with stairs then try it out. To make it more fun (and difficult) we turned it into interval training by setting the timer and taking turns running up and down the stairs (having a 30 second- 1 minute break after each set) . If you’re feeling silly then why not put some music on a enjoy dancing around the house together… that’s our plan this weekend 🙂

7) Get to know each other again..

When you have been with your partner a while and you live with them it’s easy to think you’re spending time together when really you’re just living rather than actually spending dedicated time together. So a fun thing to do is to have a ‘first date’ again. Treat it as if you don’t know each other and ask all the questions you did at the start of your relationship. It may seem weird at first but it honesty is fun.