Festive Social Alternatives

Written by Sophie

We LOVE Christmas and the run up to it is always so much fun and such a good excuse to see friends, get cosy with a glass of red and eat lots of delicious comfort food.
This year has been a bit different for me….I didn’t really think things through when we planned our wedding for early next year, with the run up to Xmas being bang in the middle of trying to be in the best health I can be before the wedding!

We are all about balance, but like most brides you at least want to feel like you made the effort on your big day.

This prompted me to come up with a list of alternative things you can do on the run up to Christmas which all make you feel really good!!



How about a yoga session at TriYoga followed by a delicious brunch, lunch or cake/coffee at Detox Kitchen. Our favourite combination is a Yin Yoga class followed by a combination of the Detox Kitchen’s lovely salads with a fishcake, and a Chocolate Beetroot Brownie. There are loads of fitness studios all over, so it’s always a good way to see friends, get your exercise in but still get to enjoy some tasty food afterwards.





Nopi is a lovely restaurant with loads of fresh seasonal choices….salads, fish, meats with a lovely wine list and delicious desert menu. You can go there and have a special meal out without having to be unhealthy. They’re great with dietary requirements and have a lovely choice of good quality wines if you’re trying to get your ‘anti-oxidant’ count up by enjoying a glass of red with your meal 😉




The Ultimate Pedicure at Cowshed in Carnaby Street is honestly one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had! Its 75 minutes of pampering which is the perfect thing to do with a friend or two as they have a private area that you can sit together. They have a lovely list of teas and hot drinks…but also serve bubbles if you want. (This is actually what we’re doing for our Squirrel Sisters Christmas celebration this year!)




If you’re all about balance like us then this is a great way to have a few drinks at the same time as getting some nourishment. Grace Belgravia have a great menu and hold a happy hour open to the public on a Friday.




What is more xmassy than ice-skating?! It’ll really get you in the mood as well as being a great way to get a bit of exercise in….there are some in beautiful locations around London; Somerset House, National History Museum are our faves.



Other ideas

  • Go and see a festive film! Bring a Cacao Orange bar as a good alternative to all that chocolate orange that’s around at Xmas 😉
  • Cooking for friends – there are plenty of healthy and yummy recipes on our blog
  • Food Markets (especially the Christmas ones) – here are some good ones
  • Walk in the park – nothing better than a walk in the crisp winter air when it’s sunny with a cup of tea to keep your hands warm
  • Healthy Supper Clubs or cooking Classes – Here’s a list of regular pop-ups.