For our June issue of The #GirlPower series we interviewed Astrid Carter… Deputy editor of our favourite online lifestyle magazine Sheerluxe . We met Astrid very early on in our Squirrel Sisters journey and she has been incredibly supportive so we were thrilled when she agreed to do an interview for our blog. Enjoy…





1)    For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…I’m the Deputy Editor at SheerLuxe and oversea all the editorial content for the site, from fashion and beauty to health and travel. I work closely with the team to produce exciting, varied and engaging content for our readers and decide what goes in our daily newsletter.


2) How do you #TreatYourHealth I try to follow the 80/20 rule. I like to eat healthy if I don’t I feel run down, tired, grouchy, but I also like to eat out and have fun – no one likes a bore who doesn’t want to make dinner plans. I eat healthily at work and at home, run and do pilates and then if I want to treat myself at the weekend I don’t feel too guilty. I also love to cook which helps me stay on track.


3) How do you fuel yourself on a busy day?  I always eat breakfast, even if it has to be on the go. I have a fast metabolism and if I don’t eat regularly I’m the worst person in the world. Porridge with nut butter or avo and chilli flakes on toast are my go-tos and I always keep nuts or healthy snacks in my bag incase I get the hanger. I’ve managed to ween myself of coffee as caffeine doesn’t agree with me, so I’ll have he odd decaf but I love having ginger tea or a lump of ginger in a juice for an energy boost. Oh, and dark dark chocolate is a permanent fixture in my desk drawer for the 3pm slump but as a rule I try and lay off the sugar.


4) Talk us through your typical work day… I usually have a breakfast meeting with a PR first thing or a press launch to attend. Then it’s straight to the office to sign off our daily newsletter that goes out to all our subscribers. Once that’s done, I catch up with the team, plan upcoming content for the site and have catch ups with the digital and commercial teams to ensure the business is moving forward. Come the afternoon, I sign off copy for upcoming articles and the newsletter that’s to be sent out the next day. We’re also producing more and more video content, so we might have an interview or a new beauty round-up to film, as well as the SL podcast which we record once a week with the team and an interesting guest.  It’s non-stop at SheerLuxe and the team work extremely hard – every day is a new day which I love, you don’t have time to get hung up about the little things. It’s fast paced, but I’d much prefer that than twiddling my thumbs. In the evening, I might have a dinner to attend with a brand we work with, a new launch or a restaurant review of a new opening which is always a nice treat.
5) Who’s your biggest inspiration and why? SO many women inspire me, I’m lucky to have amazing friends with all sorts of careers, from nurses to lawyers, architects to tv producers – I love hearing about their jobs and how different they are but how equally hard they all work – I find that particularly inspiring. In the industry, Ariana Huffington, Lorraine Candy, Jo Malone, all have inspiring stories, and one of my favourite authors Jenni Fagan has an incredible story, from living in care and having a pretty rough beginning in life to becoming a hugely successful novelist.


6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In the last three years I’ve been at SheerLuxe, we’ve grown the team massively, we’ve introduced new and exciting content as well as multimedia platforms like our podcast and video content. I hope to continue on this trajectory, work with bigger brands, interview more inspiring women and continue to produce work our readers love.


7) How do you relax and switch off? I’m a foodie so I love to eat out or have friends round for dinner. I grew up in Jersey so I love going back there, BBQing on the beach and being by the sea – I think it’s important to do that and completely switch off when you’re faced with the London rat race every day. And there’s a lot to be said for just putting on our joggers and having a Netflix binge if you really need to.
8) Who do you love to follow on social media? Because of my job, I have to following everyone on Instagram to ensure I’m up to date with everything that’s cool, but personally I love Laura Bailey’s account, Bella Freud, Lauren Santo Domingo and Poppy Delevingne’s accounts.
9) What does #GirlPower mean to you? Working hard, not being afraid to stick up for yourself and nurturing and celebrating other women… and men, We all need to support each other for girl power or feminism to really work.
10) One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self? Other than a few questionably fashion choices, I’d tell myself to worry less about the little things and have more confidence. I’m 30 now, and the best thing about getting older is feeling so much more secure and confident in myself, my work – I’d hate to be 21 again!