The #GirlPower series is back….

For the Christmas special we had the pleasure of interviewing UK Specialist Registered Dietitian (RD), health food blogger and TV nutritionist Nichola Whitehead and we can’t wait to share it with you. Sit back, grab a mince pie and enjoy the read…


The #GirlPower Series Featuring Nichola Whitehead


1. For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…

Hey! Mine name’s Nichola Whitehead, but you can call me Nic. I’m a UK Registered Dietitian and as well as working both privately and for the NHS, I’m a health food blogger at and regularly feature on BBC Breakfast T.V chatting all things Nutrition! I specialise in weight loss and work with people who have diabetes and who are undergoing weight loss surgery.

2. How do you #TreatYourHealth

I’m a massive promoter and follower of the 80/20 rule; if you eat 80% healthy whole foods then the other 20% doesn’t matter! This means I focus on eating healthy meals and snacks for most of the time, but if I really fancy a chocolate bar or a gin and tonic then I’ll have it (guilt free!).

3. How do you fuel yourself on a busy day    

I start my day with a protein smoothie Monday to Friday made with frozen banana, ice, milk, vanilla whey protein and spinach and on a weekend I either have protein zoats with banana or smashed avocado on toast with scrambled egg and tomatoes. Lunch is usually left overs from the night before and for dinner I have meals such as bolognese with courgette, chicken in a sauce with sweet potato or a prawn or salmon stir fry. Dessert is usually oats with milk and honey or yoghurt with berries, honey and cinnamon.

4. Talk us through your typical work day

I’m up at 630 usually and after a quick ‘living room workout’ I get ready and am usually in clinic for 830/9am. I run weight loss groups, bariatric clinics and diabetes education sessions and most days are different. In the evenings I catch up on my emails and blog work and on a weekend I’ll film my YouTube videos!

5. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why

My fiancé Oliver. We started going out in 2008, and since graduating from university he has accomplished so much. He’s a budding entrepreneur as well as property developer and has transformed our first home which we bought last year. I am so proud of him and his passion for life and success is infectious.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

In 5 years I hope to be married (our wedding is booked for 2017!) and hopefully to have started our family. I hope that my blog is still going strong and I hope to have written my first book. I also hope to have a passed my personal training exams as well as specialised in pre and post natal workouts; it’s an area that I’m really passionate about.

7. How do you relax and switch off

Walking in the Dales and staying in my friend’s cottage; it has a log fire and you cannot beat a trip to the pub for good food and wine! Or a weekend away with Oliver; I love walking on the beach and breathing in the sea air!

8. Who do you love ‘stalking’ on social media?

I love looking at my friend Amy’s photographs; @FieldsPhotographyLondon as well as following Zanna Van Dijk’s travels. I’m also a massive fan of Marie Forleo; she has the best YouTube videos, they are so inspirational.

9. What does #GirlPower mean to you?

Girl Power to me is all about believing in yourself and supporting others. There’s always room at the top and it’s girls who not only motivate and inspire others, but SUPPORT each other who I love the most.

10. One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

‘Everything will be ok’, respect yourself and others will respect you.