The #GirlPower Series Featuring Rhiannon Lambert

We are very honoured to feature the incredible Rhiannon Lambert for the February issue of our #GirlPower series…


1) For those that don’t know you can you give a short summary of who you are and what you do…

I am Rhiannon Lambert, a Registered Nutritionist based in London’s Harley Street where I work with private clients specialising in weight management, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

2) How do you #TreatYourHealth

As they say, health is wealth! My approach is to embrace a healthy way of living through the food I enjoy and the life I lead. In reality, this means food is both fuel and medicine. I believe in powering the day with nutrition and I maintain a healthy balanced diet through eating only those foods I personally love. In times of poor health, I firmly believe that no symptoms that can be treated with nutrition should be treated by any other means.

3) How do you fuel yourself on a busy day  

On a typical busy day, I wake up to a glass of water to rehydrate and a matcha green tea to give me an energy boost. After a protein rich breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on rye bread, I always try and squeeze in a workout or at the very least some stretching before walking to Harley Street. As a mid-morning snack, I love having a nut jar limiting myself to a handful before a tupperware lunch often made up of leftovers from dinner the night before. An afternoon snack of an apple or some avocado and rice cakes will keep me going until a quick and simple home cooked meal of typically pan-fried white fish on a bed of greens with some sweet potato wedges. A protein pancake with berries often follows with a relaxing chamomile tea to send me to sleep ahead of another inevitably busy day.

4) Talk us through your typical work day

Working within a private clinic alongside a full team of health professionals, my clientele really are wide ranging. In addition to my regular clients including Olympic athletes and TV professionals, I find myself increasingly working with eating disorders in men and women of all ages. Clients take up most of my day in one-to-one private consultations and subsequent writing of bespoke diet plans but consulting with companies in product development and marketing make up the rest of my day. Despite trying to switch off as soon as I get home, there is always the temptation and often need to respond to the never-ending emails received over the course of the day.

5) Who’s your biggest inspiration and why

I have so many, all of whom have an unwavering stance on the importance of evidence-backed nutritional guidance. I am so lucky to have friends who I also see as mentors including Deanne Jade – Founder of The National Centre of Eating Disorders, Dale Pinnock – The Medicinal Chef and Dr Aseem Malhotra – Cardiologist.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Having recently announced the future publication of my first book called Re-Nourish – The Definitive Guide to Optimum Nutrition; I would love to think that I will have continued to inspire and share qualified advice on how to maintain a healthy balanced diet on every platform including television.

I have aspirations to open my own private health clinic with a charitable environment so that as many people as possible can have access to a nutritional education.

A wonderful marriage, children and home are of course also on the agenda but there never seems to be enough hours in the day at the moment!

7) How do you relax and switch off

I don’t ever truly feel I can switch off during a working week so I make a habit of leaving London (as often as possible!) in search of a burning fire where I can enjoy a cup of tea without a care in the world!

8) Who do you love ‘stalking’ on social media?

I have far too many guilty pleasures to share!

9) What does #GirlPower mean to you?

GirlPower means so many things but I know that when women support each other, incredible things happen. I also believe it means that we should aspire to be the woman we want to be, full stop.

10) One piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Don’t let anyone else’s perception of you (unless it’s absolutely fabulous!) become how you see yourself.

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