Meet The Squirrel Sisters Team- Gracie

Q&A with the Squirrel Sisters Team


Gracie- Co-Founder 

What has working at Squirrel Sisters taught you about yourself?

That I can handle stressful situations very well.


As one of the founders of Squirrel Sisters, what sparked the idea to build your brand?

Our passion for health and wellness and feeling good! You don’t have to restrict yourself when being healthy, healthy can be delicious and we wanted to prove that.


Tea or coffee drinker?

Probabaly tea but it depends how tired I am. We have a great selection of tea in our office; English breakfast, Matcha Mint, Turmeric… the list is endless.


Three essential things that are always in your bag?

Lip balm

Squirrel Sisters bars

Business cards (you never know who you might bump into)


What’s the best thing/most inspiring thing about working and living in London?

The energy! I just love London, there is so much going on, you never get bored.


What item do you never leave the house without?

My phone!


What’s your go to healthy snack?

Our bars… (always). I also love nut butter!


What do you do in your downtime when you’re not squirreling away?

My favourite way to chill out is to have a bath with Epsom salts and lots of candles.


How do you stay motivated?

Exercise and sleep! I love HIIT workouts because they make me feel amazing and give me so much energy. A good nights sleep is so important for me as well. If I’m tired I feel unproductive. I’m at my best after a great night’s sleep.


Do you have a nickname, if so what is it?

I have a couple…

Mum & Dad have always called my Poodle (not sure how I got that name) and Sophie calls me Groc, which came about because I used to spell my name like that when I was younger.


What’s your go to Karaoke song?

Anything Spice Girls


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I wouldn’t call it guilty but something I find very pleasurable is red wine


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I’ve been lucky to travel quite a bit and one of my favourite places is Bali but some of the places I would love to go to are South Africa, Australia and The Amalfi Coast in Italy.


Who or where do you look for inspiration?

Instagram & Pintrest are my go to if I need food inspiration.


What were you doing before you started Squirrel Sisters? What pushed you to make it your full time job?

I was working in film and TV both as an actress and also working on the production side. After getting my degree at Leeds University I moved to New York and trained as an actress at a Method acting school called Lee Strasberg, which was an amazing experience. I have been in lots of independent films and adverts and my most recent acting role was playing Mona Sax in Max Payne Retribution. My work ‘behind the camera’ included things like working on a TV series for Channel 4. I love acting and still take opportunities when they arise but I hated how unstable it was. Luckily health and wellness has always a passion so when we had the opportunity to go for it with Squirrel Sisters the transition was easy.


Any advice for anyone else that is starting their own business with a family member?

You must have the same vision. Sophie and I have been lucky because although we are quite different we have similar ideas and goals. We have always had the same vision for Squirrel Sisters and the direction we have wanted to take it. If we didn’t it could have caused big problems, especially when making big decisions.


If you could pick any food item at the supermarket, what would you get?

This always changes depending on my mood but two items that are always in my shopping basket are brown rice pasta and sundried tomatoes.


What five things are on your bucket list right now?

  1. Travel. I want to visit all the places I haven’t been before (South Africa, Australia etc)
  2. Experience more! Sophie and I have decided to try out different, fun things in and around London. So far we have gone to see The Guilty Feminist (a live podcast) and have booked a Sound Bath meditation class.
  3. Do more to support and empower woman
  4. Buy a house
  5. Write! A lot has happened this year and I’ve learnt a lot and I plan to write about my experiences.


Tell us about Squirrel Sisters, what it was like at the very beginning and what it is now?

At the start it felt very different, we were working from home and every day was a real learning experience as neither of us had any previous experience in this industry. It felt like quite a struggle; no one knew our brand so I guess we weren’t taken as seriously but we’ve been going for two years now and are well established. People now recognise that we are a strong brand with great values and we are extremely proud of how we have grown Squirrel Sisters, especially as we have had no investment to date. We launched the company just over 2 years ago and are now in 1000 stores across the UK, we’ve just launched into our 1stst supermarket (Morrisons) and have a cookbook coming out on April 5th. We are still learning as we go along, things don’t ever get easier but we love what we do and can’t wait to continue growing Squirrel Sisters.


What makes working at Squirrel Sisters so special?

Working with my sister (cheeseeeee). I love our team as well! We have the best team. We have been really lucky with everyone we work with and built great relationships with all our suppliers and customers.