Meet The Squirrel Sisters Team- Holly

Q&A with the Squirrel Sisters Team 

Holly- Business Development Executive

What has working at Squirrel Sisters taught you about yourself?

As I graduated from University last year (2017) and this is my first full time job, I have learnt SO much. However, the most important thing I think I’ve learnt is that I love working in a small team/ for a start up – it is so rewarding and we have such great fun!


Tea or coffee drinker?

Both – not about the either or kinda life!


Three essential things that are always in your bag?

Head phones, keys & most often a Squirrel Bar #employeeoftheyear


What’s the best thing/most inspiring thing about working and living in London?

I love the amount & variety of things there are to do in London – for example, me and some friends recently entered a netball league. I’m fairly (very) useless, but its so much fun and it’s a great way to see old friends on a weekly basis!


What item do you never leave the house without?

Headphones – I love listening to podcasts.


What’s your go to healthy snack?

Obviously Squirrel Sister bars are my go to, but sometimes I mix it up with corn cakes & cashew butter, or my new faves – Nush yoghurts!


What do you do in your downtime when you’re not squirreling away?

I’m a pretty energetic/ active person – so love a good workout/ run, or pretty much anything outdoors.

That said, I also love a good bottle of wine at the pub & having days where I do absolutely nothing – get me a bowl of pasta and a film and I’m happy as larry!

I’m also really into Philosophy – so love a good book/ podcast, lecture or pretty much anything that gets my brain ticking!


How do you stay motivated?

Sometimes I find that if I just start whatever it is I’m doing, then the motivation kicks in after. If that fails…strong coffee & music!


Do you have a nickname, if so what is it?

At home – Bobster (thanks mum)

At work – Claire


What’s your go to Karaoke song?

Your so vain – Carly Simon


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Wine (or drinking far too much of it)


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Ooh that’s tough – Alaska or New Zealand.


Who or where do you look for inspiration?

Whilst I find people inspiring, I don’t necessarily turn to people for direct inspiration. I do find music or just being outdoors can be really inspiring though!



If you could pick any food item at the supermarket, what would you get?

Pasta – farfalle (bows) or shells to be super precise!


What five things are on your bucket list right now?

  1. Start a blog focused on equality
  2. Go to more talks & lectures
  3. Boyfriend would be nice – feel free to DM Squirrel Sisters if interested
  4. Learn to do a handstand (properly)
  5. Go to either Alaska or New Zealand


What makes working at Squirrel Sisters so special?

Sophie & Gracie – they are so great to work for and I think they have created an amazing brand! It’s also really inspiring working for two women who have created such an amazing business from the floor up!