Mothers Day Gifts Under £50

Written By Gracie 

It’s one week away now so I decided to put together a list of my top 5 gifts that any mum would love.

1) Smith & Sinclair Cocktail Pastels– Not On The Highstreet £16.95


Alcoholic sweets in 6 cocktail flavours (Whisky Sour, Cake Icing, Berry Daiquiri, Spiced Rum, Gin and Tonic, A Spring Clean). I’ve never heard of alcoholic sweets so when I saw these on Instagram I got very excited. Gorgeous, fun packaging and something different. I might have to buy some for myself as well 😛

2) Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Large Teacup and Saucer Emma Bridgewater £34.95


I love Emma Bridgewater products. They are such good quality and liven up every kitchen. This teacup is a new product and so pretty. It also comes in a lovely heart box making it a perfect gift.

3) Lola’s Apothecary ‘Golden Elixir of Lavender Lola’s apothecary £32.00


Perfect for pampering. This beautiful little bottle of lavender and vanilla infused body oil works for deep healing and tranquillity. It also comes in a gift box, making it even more luxurious and special.

4) Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne The Champagne Company £40.50


This needs no explanation… rose champagne= a happy mum

5) Neom Luxury 3 Wick Candle, Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood- John Lewis £45.00


Neom candles are made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils to create beautiful scents which have aromatherapeutic qualities. These will work on your state of mind and can make you feel happier, more relaxed and energised. Such a lovely gift that will make any mum feel pampered.