Review: Ride Republic

Written by Sophie (who went along with Gracie…and Charlie!)

I absolutely hated spinning, but every now and again I try a class just to see if I still hate it and I always do.  But something happened recently….someone recommended I go to Ride Republic in Parsons Green/Fulham (map at the bottom of the post) for a trial class with Catilin as it was supposed to be really good!  We found a class which sounded a bit more fun; ‘Back to the 90’s’, so we signed up hoping that this would at least entertain us throughout the pain.

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but it was BRILLIANT!  The whole experience at Ride Republic really made a difference to how I felt about spinning too.  You walk into the reception area which is also a ‘Tanya’s cafe’ (very healthy, raw food concept cafe) so it’s immediately a very attractive and lovely environment.


The staff are so friendly and made us feel immediately welcome by giving us our special cycling shoes and showing us around.


They seemed really excited to tell us more about Ride Republic and happy that we were about to experience the Ride Republic classes, which made a big difference as we start to feel excited (even though I thought I hated spinning!)

The spinning room itself is dark with a big neon ‘Ride Republic’ sign, so unique compared to cycle rooms I’ve been in at gyms before.  The bikes are well spaced out and all face the instructor, meaning you can go at the front…or hide at the back, but can still see the instructor.


We had help adjusting our seats and clipping our special shoes into the pedals from the friendly staff, and as it was a 90’s themed class we got given neon paint for our faces too!  This was a nice touch which again made us look forward to what was about to happen.  We got given towels and weights too.  Gracie and I went too heavy on this thinking that we had better upper body strength than we realised…IMG_0928

The class itself was really good!  Catilin wasn’t too hard on us which was nice (especially as it was a Friday night), but she still made us feel like we were really working.  She kept reminding us of the gear and RPM we should be aiming for which was good because I always forget things like that (and use it as an excuse to really turn down the gears.)  The bikes were much better than others that I’ve tried – this really makes a difference as they were in great condition and have screens that display the distance and calories, so all of that including the RPM and actually knowing what gear you are on really motivates you to try and push yourself.

We had a good mix of speed and resistance, and the music choices were great!  They also brought us a cold towel after about 25/30 minutes which was a lovely surprise and very refreshing!

The showers were lovely, they had really nice shampoo and conditioner, and a good area to be able to change.  They provided nice towels, deodorant, hair ties, razors (disposable), cotton pads and then had GHD hairdryers and straighter that we could use. The only trouble I had was with the locker as they are quite tricky to use and I couldn’t get into it (but luckily some of the other girls went and asked a member of staff to come and help me as I was just in my towel!)

IMG_0932 IMG_0931

We enjoyed it so much that we bought a trial package which was £20 for 3 classes!  We returned a couple of days later and took a class with Alex.  We actually found that Alex pushed us harder and as it was earlier in the day and we had paid for it this time, that this suited us better.  I would definitely return to both of their classes though as they were both really enjoyable….I am already excited about my next trip there!

I would 100% recommend Ride Republic, I think that the usual packages are quite pricey, but if you can get a deal like we did, or afford the ongoing packages it then it is worth the money!  I honestly can’t express how much I hated spinning before I tried it at Ride Republic, so this really is a good testament to how good it must be!  It’s also fantastic that they have partnered with Tanya’s Cafe as you really build up an appetite, but then have some delicious and nutritious food available to you after.

Here is the link to Ride Republic:

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