Review: The Coconut Company – Coconut Vinegar

Written by Sophie

Hand-in-hand with my gluten-intolerance I have quite a sensitive stomach and there are certain things that I’ve found have really helped them when I’m a bit stressed or have eaten the wrong things and need a bit of a helping hand.  Along with fennel tea, peppermint tea and hot water in lemon, I’ve found that taking organic Apple Cider vinegar regularly really helps, BUT it is quite hard to take because of the taste so I jumped at the chance to try The Coconut Company’s coconut vinegar (which contains the ‘Mother of Vinegar’ a naturally occurring living mixture of good bacteria and enzymes) which has been said to have the similar but even more beneficial effects.

What’s the difference?

There is a lot of information on the internet about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (as an appetite suppressant, helping digestion and lowering blood sugar levels etc), but a lot less is written about Coconut Vinegar.  The primary difference between Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut, is that Coconut Vinegar is derived from a more nutritious source (coconut sap) and therefore contains many vitamins such as B and C, it also includes an abundance of minerals and amino acids.

The inclusion of the ‘Mother’ is another benefit because many people believe that the it’s the best bit and contains all the goodness in terms of healthy bacteria and live enzymes. Cheaper vinegars remove the Mother and pasteurise it (i.e. blast it at over 100 degrees), so all the goodness is lost.

Another huge difference is the taste….I even had the Coconut vinegar on its own in a mug of hot water when I’d ran out of lemons and it was delicious.  It really adds a lovely flavour to other things which you can see further on.

How to consume Coconut Vinegar?

I got quite creative when trying different ways of incorporating the vinegar into my daily diet, so here are a few ways*:

  • Drinking it with a bit of cold water – the nice flavour and less acidic taste means that this is really paletable
  • Drinking it in a mug of hot water, as you would have a slice of lemon but with a tbsp coconut vinegar instead
  • Salad dressing: 1 tsp tahini, 1 tbsp coconut vinegar, a pinch of himalayan salt, grind of pepper and some chilli flakes.  This is SO good and so easy too.
  • In a stirfry – because of the coconutty favour it works perfectly in a stirfry as part of the sauce and pairs very well with their Coconut Aminos (which you can use in place of soy sauce or tamari sauce as I usually use).
  • In a juice or smoothie – again the flavour just adds and isn’t too strong so doesn’t overpower what you’re having.
  • ‘Immune boosting’ tonic: juice of a lemon, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp numeric, 1 tbsp coconut vinegar and some manuka or raw honey if you need a bit of sweetness and filtered water.

*Make sure you always shake the bottle as the mother settles at the bottom.

Why should you take it?

More and more people are are beginning to realise the natural benefits of fermented foods (e.g. the rise of kombucha and kimchi).  These naturally fermented foods contain ‘good bacteria’ and can aid digestion, which is backed up by the growing trend in the advocates and increasing availability of these kinds of products. Vinegar has been used for many centuries as a health tonic and the long running evidence is backed up by the thousands of people that use it.

Why Coconut Company Vinegar?

Coconut company’s organic coconut vinegar is nutritionally superior to processed vinegars and may provide a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.

Nothing else is added, or taken away, so all the goodness is left.  This is important as other coconut vinegars are coming into the market now and are from different sources (e.g. some are from coconut water which is less nutrient rich than coconut sap).  Plus vinegar from coconut water has to have yeast added to start the fermentation process (there’s not enough sugar for it to start on its own).  The coconut sap is a milky white substance, taken from the trunk of the tree. This means that is is actually a very sustainable source of vinegar, nectar and sugar, as the farmers don’t cut the tree down to produce the sap – they just make an incision in the trunk and let it drip slowly and collect it over many days.  The coconut tree keeps on producing it year on year and there’s no need to replant constantly.

Their vinegar also comes from a farm that looks after its workers and gives them a fair wage (the factory actually has FairTrade certification) which is always very reassuring to know.

You can get your hands on some of this delicious Coconut Vinegar, along with other lovely coconut products on the Coconut Company’s website here.