Siblings Q&A

It’s National Siblings! Being sisters who are also lucky enough to be best friends and business partners we thought it would be fun to answer some questions (written by Olivia our marketing assistant) to celebrate the joy of having a sibling.

Sisters Interview Questions

1. What’s the best thing about having a sister.

Sophie’s Answer: Knowing that she’s always got my back no matter what.

Gracie’s Answer: Having someone you trust with your life, that always has your best interests as heart. 


2. What is something you like to do together?

We both love anything to do with spas…


3. What’s your funniest memory?

We have SO many but one memory that we will never forget is when we had a huge argument when we were around 14 & 16 years old and then we looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter… we haven’t argued since.


4. What was the last text you sent each other?

“Do you want a coffee?”


5. Who is the oldest/youngest?

Gracie is the youngest, we are exactly 2 years and 1 week apart.


6. How would you describe each other in 3 words?

Gracie describing Sophie: Kind, Loyal, Driven

Sophie describing Gracie: Loyal, Passionate & Caring


7. What kind of kids were you growing up? Did you used to have sibling rivalry?

Haha yes we did, as we were so close in age we always wanted to be doing what the other one was so there were fights over toys and games when they belonged to the other one!


8. Describe your first few months of working with each other?

As time went on we realised more and more how different our skills were and therefore how compatible we were as business partners.


9. Describe a moment that sticks out in your mind from your business journey together as sisters?

When we drove up to try the first test run with the factory we work with – we were so excited because it was actually happening… we were starting our business! 


10. What ended up surprising you most about working together?

How we are both so aware of the other (and ourselves) and are very considerate in the way we conduct ourselves so as not to ever cause tension or arguments.


11. Since starting Squirrel Sisters what have you learned about each other since then?

Answer from Sophie: Gracie is a real perfectionist and a quick learner.

Answer from Gracie: Sophie loves a spread-sheet.


12. What’s the best thing about one another?

Knowing that we have each other’s backs 100%. We will help each other get through anything, from things at work, personal issues even through to outfit choices!