Squirrel Sister’s April Favourites

Written By Sophie & Gracie 

We are so happy that summer is literally around the corner!  Here are some of our favourites, celebrating the sunnier seasons…click the images for the links if you want to know more about the products and you’ll be taken to the website.

Sophie’s Favourites:

1) Anthropologie Measuring utensils for ‘cup’

So many recipes use ‘cups’ as measurements these days, particularly those bloggers based in the US. As you can see from a lot of our recipes, we have also been converted! I usually play the guessing game or use an actual cup, but decided to invest in a more official way of measuring. I love these Anthropologie Milk Bottle measuring cups, because they look lovely (when you’re not using them) and fit in with any kitchen colour scheme. But, if you don’t want them on show they are also easy to store away as they’re a simple cylindrical shape.


2) Neom ‘Feel Refreshed’ Travel Candle

We love candles even in the lighter evenings, this Neom ‘Feel Refreshed’ travel candles allows you to hold on to that cosy candlelit feeling, but brings a spring scent into your home.


3) Nike Dri-FIT t-shirt

With the weather hotting up, we have been trying to keep up our ‘home bootcamps’ and just generally be active so that we feel our best when it’s time to get the summer wardrobe out.  This t-shirt is perfect for exercising with the climate at the moment, as Nike says ‘Updated Dri-FIT Knit fabric wicks sweat from your body faster and dries more quickly than ever before, helping you stay comfortable throughout your run’ (or workout).  It doesn’t add extra weight or heat, but also keeps you warm on those more stationary moments throughout your workout.  It is a nice fit, without being too tight or flapping around…I am a bit believer in being more motivated to workout when I have nice, comfortable fitness wear and this one has been a winner!


4) Gym tote

Light, fun and perfectly sized for all your gym gear. As I said above, I think it makes such a difference having nice gear to workout in (and transport) and as it’s nearly summer we need all the motivation we can get! Reasonably priced (and perfect to use as a beach bag if you’re off on holiday soon too).


5) La Roche Posay Tinted Moisturiser with SPF50

I’ve been wearing this in the sunny climates of Singapore since I got some for Christmas last year, so wanted to recommend it to others as the sun has been out much more recently. It is a great tinted cream to be wearing on a daily basis to protect you from any pinkness….and to stave off wrinkles for a bit longer.  It is very light and gives you a bit of coverage as well.  I tend to wear it over my Clarins moisturiser (which is also very light) and then top up my skin make up with concealer and bronzer.


Gracie’s Favourites: 

1) Udos Oil

I have recently been taking the ‘6 week Udos Challenge’ which, you can read in full here: https://squirrelsisters.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/udos-oil-6-week-challenge-2/ I have used udos oil quite a lot now and each time have loved the results. It is great for your health, skin, hair, nails and fitness. Check out my blog post (link above) to find out why I keep going back to this product.


2) Rude Health Almond Milk

I recently switched to using almond milk over regular milk. I am not dairy intolerant but decided I wanted to see if it made a difference to how I felt. Almond milk has amazing health benefits and is full of good fats. It’s ingredients consist of crushed almonds, rice, mountain spring water and a dash of sunflower oil.  It’s also dairy and gluten-free so is a great alternative to dairy milk. I’m a big fan of ‘Rude Health’ I love and trust all their products and think their packaging is fun and brightens up any kitchen cupboard.


3) Rimmel Kate Moss Salon Pro Nail Varnish- Green Dragon, 241

I absolutely love the colour of this rimmel nail varnish. It’s perfect for spring and summer and adds a bit of vibrancy to your ootd (outfit of the day). Kate moss’ range has up to 10 days chip resistant nail colour with a gel shine finish.

21856_14267704434) Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips.

I was recommended this lip balm by a make up artist because I get very dry lips and no lip balms ever seem to work. Originally ‘Dr Lipp’ was developed as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women because of its hydrating, thick, hypoallergenic and counter-irritant properties. It’s amazing as a lip balm but can also be used for dry cuticles, feet, abrasions, eczema, dry skin and much more. I love it because it is 100% natural, tasteless, odourless and contains no parabens. It’s made from 100% pure medical grade lanolin, which is harvested during the summer from Australian sheep’s wool and cleansed of all impurities.drlipp_lipbalm_newpackaging_900x9005) Jason Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner

I love Jason products because they are natural and don’t contain petrolatum, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates (SLS), parabens or phthalates, as well as being cruelty free because they are never tested on animals. I particularly love jojoba because the ingredients encourage healthy hair growth. They state that the natural jojoba seed oil replenishes lost moisture while antioxidant-rich chamomilla recutita and grapefruit extracts promote healthy hair growth. Yucca filamentosa extract and vitamin B5 strengthen hair to help prevent breakage and split ends as wheat protein improves elasticity. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in shine and have a lot less breakage since using this product.