The Amazing Benefits of Bee Pollen

Written By Gracie


Rich in protein, amino acids, folic acid, vitamins (particularly high in vitamin B) and antioxidants, bee pollen has been used as a natural food supplement for thousands of years. It is such a superfood because it contains nearly all nutrients humans need to function.


Reasons Why Bee Pollen Is Amazing:

– Enhances energy

– Boots the immune system

– Good for people with asthma as the antioxidants have anti inflammatory effects on the tissue of the lungs

– Aides digestion

– Helps the body to absorb nutrients more easily

– Corrects cholesterol levels

– Can help to prevent heart attacks and strokes due to its anti blood clotting powers.

– Can help with fertility by stimulating and restoring ovarian function.

– Curbs cravings

– Acts as an aphrodisiac

– It supports the cardiovascular system by strengthening capillaries and blood vessels due to the high amount of Rutin, an antioxidant.

– A great source of protein for vegetarians


My Opinion:

I have been using bee pollen for about a week now and have to say I love it. It just adds that special extra something to your meal or drink and I genuinely notice the good effects it has on me. I haven’t been drinking tea or coffee (only non caffeine herbal teas) this week and about half an hour after I have eaten my breakfast with a tsp of bee pollen I feel alert and my fatigue disappears. I have been adding it to my boyfriends breakfast as well who was feeling a little under the weather before I started using it and now he feels fine and has avoided coming down with something. I highly recommend this superfood, it is unbelievably good for you in so many ways and is 100% natural.

Where To Get It From:

The picture above is the product I have recently been using, which I bought from Wholefoods. But you can buy it online, most health stores and high-end supermarkets.

How To Use It:

I like to add it to my smoothies, juices and porridge because I find eating it on its own can taste a little bitter. You can add it to anything you want but I recommend you have it in the morning with your breakfast to help set you up for the day.

Recommended Intake:

2 tsp daily

It is unsuitable or infants under 12 months.

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