Top 10 Tips For A Flat Stomach

Written By Gracie 

Summer is here ☀️ and lots of you will be going on holiday so I thought some tips on getting a flat stomach would be appreciated. There is nothing worse than feeling unconfident when you have to get into a bikini/swimming shorts so here are some quick tips to make you feel beach ready.


1) Start your day with a cup of warm water and LEMON. This will get your metabolism going and help remove unwanted toxins.

2) Always have BREAKFAST! Eating in the morning will speed up your metabolism and set you up for your day.

3) Avoid UNHEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES e.g. bread, pasta, white rice, flour

4) Cut down on ALCOHOL. Not only does this bloat you but it also weakens your liver. Alcohol also stimulates your appetite so you will end up eating food your body doesn’t need.

5) Drink lots of WATER throughout the day, it will help curb your appetite. This can include herbal teas such as nettle and green, which help raise metabolism and have diuretic properties.

6) EXERCISE. Exercise increases your metabolism and helps burn fat. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise so there is really no excuse. Check out a previous blog post of mine on a home workout that anyone can do:

7) Eat GOOD FATS. Good fats raise your metabolism and keep you fuller for longer. Good fats include things like avocado, nuts, fish, olive oil and seeds.

8) Avoid BAD FATS. Bad fats are hard to digest, which can cause bloating. Bad fats tend to be high in calories and can lead to weight problems if you eat too many. Bad fats include butter, red meats, baked goods (cake, biscuits, pastries) and anything processed.

9) Don’t starve yourself or go on too many fad DIETS. I don’t really believe in the quick fix diets, they may give you fast results but it’s unlikely that the results will be long lasting. Research has suggested that quick fix/fad diets can slow down the metabolic enzyme function, which causes your fat cells to bloat, become toxic and store in your tissues. Without the right fuel/energy workouts will be harder, which can cause stress to your body, you may lose muscle tone and will most likely feel awful (from the lack of food) so it’s really not worth it for results that won’t be sustainable. To get results that are sustainable it’s all about making healthy lifestyle changes and choosing foods that will nourish and satisfy your body.

10) Don’t eat late at night. EATING LATE at night can cause weight-gain because the body stores more food during sleep. If you have to eat late then make sure you avoid carbohydrates.