‘Top Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin’ from Makeup Artist Louisa Fleming

Guest Writer: Louisa Fleming  



Skin is incredibly important because it tells us so much about our health and how our body is functioning, but it can also have a real effect on our confidence! So this week we have been lucky enough to get the lovely Louisa Fleming to give away her top tips for healthy, glowing skin…

Louisa is a Makeup and Hair Artist based in London. Having previously worked in PR, she decided to follow her lifelong passion for makeup and skincare last year, quitting her corporate job and re-training at the prestigious Delamar Academy of Makeup at the beginning of the year. Louisa now specialises in TV, Film, Fashion and bridal makeup and also offers makeup consultations, lessons and group bookings. All her details are listed below so if you have any questions or want to get in touch with her then please do.


Louisa’s Top Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin

  1. Cleansing:

I’m a little obsessive with my cleansing routine, and I’ve sworn it down to transforming my once hormone ragged skin since I was 16. It’s not just about the type of product you use, but the way in which you apply and take it off your skin. Think of your cleansing routine like an evening pamper ritual – 3 mins tops from start to finish. (Yes, even those nights you stumble in drunk and really want to forget to take your make up off… I promise you’ll feel A LOT better without seeing the black mascara marks down your face and the orange stains on your pillow)

No matter what your skin type, I would recommend an oil based cleanser (I use Emma Hardie Amazing Face) that can both melt of your makeup and allows you to really work the product into the skin. This over time works to firm muscles and prevent sagging. Rinse a muslin cloth in hot water and squeeze out the excess, then gently go over your skin in circular motions to ensure skin is left gently exfoliated and squeaky clean. I always finish with 3-4 drops of Rosehip oil which I press into my skin and neck, this helps to calm and moisturise as well as fade pigmentation and scars over time. Not to mention the fact you wake up glowing the next morning! Do this every evening and trust me, you will soon notice the difference in your skin.


  1. Feeding skin from within

We all know good skin starts from within – and this starts with your diet and water intake. Don’t expect a glowing complexion if you survive off fast food, ready meals and a high sugar diet. You don’t need to be completely religious, and believe me I’m the first to reach for that second slice of cake, but ensuring a good balance will ensure your complexion achieves the ultimate glow. I’m sure it’s obvious, but avoiding refined sugar, over processed foods, smoking and too much drinking will help. Make sure you get at least 5 a day of a rainbow variety of fruit and veg to ensure your skin gets the ultimate assortment of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for a glowing complexion. Include lots of good fats too, such as avocado and nuts.

Most importantly, get those glasses of H20 down your neck – we’ve heard the drill before, but drinking lots of water WILL help you get and keep that soft plump skin we envy off the supermodels. And no, diet coke doesn’t count.


  1. Letting skin breathe

Moisturisers, primers, foundations, bronzers, blushers, highlighters… phew, our skin gets bombarded every day with layers of different chemicals and ingredients, it’s a no wonder our skin can get blocked and aggravated sometimes, particularly if you’re a city dweller where pollution is high. We all love to look our best but it is important to ensure you give your skin a break every now and again. Also think about the type of makeup you apply to your face. If you don’t need heavy coverage, opt for a light tinted moisturiser, or consider a mineral powder which is lighter than a liquid based foundation but that can still be buildable coverage. Remember to let your natural beauty shine through every now and again, and no matter what – NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!!!


  1. Supplements – Omega 3

We spend a fortune making sure our skin looks good from the outside, but what about nourishing the glow from within? Our skin is an organ and needs looking after. There are various supplements and vitamins and minerals out there that claim to perfect the skin from within, but often the doses of these are simply not high enough to be effective, and our body breaks down certain supplements in such a way that sometimes our skin doesn’t even see the benefits. Omega 3 however, is a bit of a wonder product and if you’re going take a supplement, let it be this one. The list of benefits is truly endless from improving mental health, concentration and heart health, as well as plumping up the skin and improving hair and nails. The cult product to go to is Lion Heart, the only product on the market that currently offers a clinical dose – this basically means it actually works. Your body and skin will reap the rewards.


  1. Preventing sun damage

Put your tanning oil down girls and get that factor 30 on. None of us should be naive to the fact that the sun does, and will damage skin when not looked after effectively in the sun. We all love to tan and that summer glow, but not to the cost of your long term health, nor the premature aging of your skin. You don’t need to wear sun block, but factor 30 with the 5 star UV rating on the back is vital in ensuring your skin stays protected in the sun.



Makeup tips to get the glow

We all need a bit of smoke and mirrors in the makeup department to get our skin looking its best, so below are some makeup tips to help you on the way..

  • Prep – if you want the best from your foundation, I recommend always prepping the skin with a decent moisturiser first, to ensure your makeup goes on without leaving dry patches. There are a range of brilliant moisturisers out there suitable for all budgets and skin types. If you have dry skin go for a richer moisturiser but that doesn’t leave a greasy film and if you have oily skin, opt for a lighter one, such as a mattifying gel. Sensitive skin? Go for a specific range suitable for your skin type – the Avène range is a great and inexpensive option.


  • Prime – When it comes to primers, find one with a hint of a glow such as the Laura Mercier Radiance primer, this will make sure your skin shines though your foundation creating that soft focus finish. A primer will also ensure your makeup stays looking its best all day long and will require less maintenance throughout the day.


  • Foundation – make sure you choose a foundation that gives a dewy effect, rather than a mattifying one. This gives your face dimension and stops it looking too flat. If you prefer a matter finish or you have oily skin, then you can always use a mattifying or oil free foundation and then liven the skin up with a hint of highlighter on the cheek bones. Tinted moisturisers are always a great option too. When it comes to foundation less is more, and if you’ve spent time looking after your skin first, you really won’t need a heavy coverage.


  • Conceal – we all get the occasional spot and dark shadow under the eyes, but these can be easily corrected with a bit of coverage. Opt for a light reflecting concealer under the eye so it opens the eye area whilst bouncing light off the shadow. Touché éclat is a great option, but No.7 also do something really similar and for half the price. If you like a heavier coverage under the eye, ensure you powder once you have concealed on the eye, so you don’t get makeup sinking into the creases. When it comes to spots, choose something highly pigmented, and you will barely need much to pat over the offending area to ensure it disappears from view.


  • Bronzer, shimmer and blush – I never go without all 3 of these! Once you have set your base, go over the points on your face with a bronzer suitable for your skin colouring, where the sun would naturally hit your face – Nose, cheek bones and around the forehead and chin. I always bring my bronzer down onto my neck to ensure even colour all over. Pop a bit of highlighter (powder or liquid depending on your preference) just at the top of the cheekbones, and if you like the contoured look – down the nose and in the middle of the forehead and top lip, before finishing with a touch of blusher on the apples of the cheeks. Finish by buffering the skin with a soft brush to blend it all in seamlessly.


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