Travel Essentials

Written by Sophie

Our top 5 travel essentials


  1. Babe Balm By Clean Beauty Co

This is amazing for lots of things so a great one to take on holiday with you. It doubles up as a lip balm, illuminates cheek bones, is amazing for dry patches on your face and body. It saved me after a long flight where I always get quite dry skin and also caught a cold…I used it under my eyes throughout the flight and then after a lot of blowing my nose it quickly repaired my sore nostrils.

  1. Snack-sized snacks

This sounds obvious, but I’ve finally learnt to bring things in packs that serve a portion size or two rather than bulk taking things like big bags of nuts with me. It really helps having these on hand when you’re out and about, especially if you have specific dietary requirements that a language barrier makes even more awkward. Our Coconut Cashew bars saved Ian and I from getting hangry drunk when we were wine tasting in South Africa as they didn’t have any ‘snacks’ that they could do GF.

  1. Eye mask

A good eye-mask ensures maximum sleep and helps you switch off when you’re in an unfamiliar bed (with unideal light curtains). Perfect for long flights too especially if you put a few drops of lavender on it to relax you.

  1. Tea bags

If you drink a lot of tea then it’s definitely a good idea to take a selection of your favourites unless you know where you’re going will have nice ones. I find it’s one of those things that when you’re away and feeling guilty about being on ‘holiday mode’ it can be quite a nice way to relax and feel good (pre going out for some nice tropical cocktails or wine and a big dinner). Peppermint tea or something like Pukka’s Cleanse tea can be really good if you get digestive issues or water retention when you’re away.

  1. SPF based face-cream/base make up

Even if you’re not in direct sunlight, you’re often out and about more when you’re on holiday and it’s so important to make sure your face has protection. I always use a favtor 50 when I’m on holiday, a La Roche Posay tinted face cream for general wear and Clarins face suncream when I’m on a hot holiday and not putting make up on my skin.