Treat Yourself: The Best Pampering Experiences- London

Written By Gracie 

Whether it’s to switch off and relax, for a special occasion or just because you feel like it, treating yourself to a bit of pampering should leave you satisfied, offer great service and most importantly should deliver a unique experience.

We’ve been doing some ‘research’ (any excuse to have a bit of pampering!) to find the best salons in London that offer all of the above. Here’s what we found:


Facials: FaceGym 

We never get facials so this was a real experience! We didn’t really know what to expect with a name like Face’GYM’, but it all became clear once we arrived. The actual salon/studio was just lovely, as soon as we walked in we were hit with a relaxing smell of essential oils creating a calming atmosphere. We went for the signature facial- comprised of a warm up, cardio, strength and cool down, this high-intensity circuit performed by your personal ‘face trainer’ is the ultimate non-invasive facial workout. Fast whipping detoxifies skin while deep sculpting strokes tone and contour face muscles leaving skin toned and energized. A quick all round face workout to squeeze into your lunch break. You lie back in a lovely chair while the ‘face trainer’ does amazing things to your face. I personally couldn’t believe how much tension I had in my jaw and the techniques she used really worked the tense areas which was a lovely feeling as well as being incredibly relaxing; I could have easily fallen asleep! The facial finished with the ‘face trainer’ using a device that she rolls over your face sending radio frequency currents to stimulate your muscles, which contract your muscles (similar to how your body muscles would react when doing exercise). It was a weird sensation, you lose control of your face muscles and start making weird expressions that I can only compare to what your face looks like when you do a skydive; as a spectator it’s quite hilarious to watch! This was such an unique experience, very different to a typical facial because our face muscles got a workout as well as leaving our skin clean, soft and revitalised. We loved it and will definitely be going back! #ItsNotAFacialItsAWorkout



Massage: Sabai Leela 

This place is great if you want a luxurious experience all round. The atmosphere is so peaceful, the staff are lovely and the actual treatments are fantastic. I always go for the 1 hour deep tissue full body massage; in this treatment the masseuse uses her hands, elbows and feet to apply deep pressure to acupressure points and target specific areas of built up tension in the back, shoulder and legs. The treatment is designed to target the deeper layers of muscle tissue; it’s a healing massage helps that helps relieve tension that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.



Nails: London Grace 

London Grace is an award-winning concept that combines a nail bar, in-house coffee shop and cocktail bar to create a social beauty experience. They also have their own range of cruelty-free and no-nasties nail polish! What we loved about London Grace was the social element… get pampered while catching up with you’re friends over a cocktail- heaven! We absolutely loved London Grace and did a full write up on our experience a while ago. Check it out here 



Spray Tan- James Harknett

If you want an experience tied in with fantastic results then James is your man. We heard about him through a friend who suggested getting a “James” for our wedding. James does home visits as well as having a space at The W hotel. James is a real personality and makes you feel so comfortable, which is essential when you have to get half naked (there is the option of keeping yourself covered if you want). What we loved about James was that he finds out exactly what you are getting the tan for and assess your skin tone before deciding on what colour level he will spray you with. Because it was for my wedding he didn’t want to go to dark so we opted for “a natural glow”.



Mobile Beauty- Perfect 10

Massages, nails, tan, facials… whatever you want, in the comfort of your own home! Perfect 10 is an absolute game changer in the beauty world, it caters for everyone, especially those who are busy and don’t have much time on their hands. I recently had a wedding to go to (where I was a bridesmaid) and needed to get a spray tan but I had left it late and it was raining outside so I had a google and found Perfect 10. They turned up at my house after work when I got home at 8pm quickly set up the tent, sprayed me and left. From arriving to leaving it only took 20 minutes…amazing! It was so nice to be at home and not have to worry about getting the tube and sweating it all off and it saved me a lot of time. The therapist was so friendly and professional and the treatment was very high quality, I would highly recommend this option for anyone who has a busy life!