Date Night Ideas

With the weather getting colder, date night takes a bit more planning as we can’t just go and sit in a park or a restaurant terrace. Here are some ideas to match your mood…

  • When….delicious food is all you care about

Nopi, Soho


  • When…you want to feel cosy

The Abbeville, Clapham South


  • When….pay day still seems like it’s a long way away

Franco Manca, various locations


  • When….you’ve got a whole day to enjoy

Harry Potter world


  • When….it’s sunny outside

Rowing in Richmond (with a stop at the pub)


  • When….you’re an early bird

Brunch at Brickwood, various locations


  • When…it’s raining inside and you want to stay indoors

Cheeseboard, red wine & Netflix


  • When….you want a bit of everything

Borough market


  • When….you finish work early (or don’t mind queuing)

Flat Iron


  • When….you want to dress up

Gaucho, Piccadilly