London Loving & Living

Written by Sophie

It’s easy to forget what a great city we live in and all the wonderful things there are to do….without having to spend too much!

For those staying in London over the weekend here’s some activity/entertainment tips from us…

Local Comedy Nights

There are some amazing comedy spots across London in local areas (as opposed to central, e.g. those in Leicester Square). Our favourite is The Bedford in Balham who host regular comedy nights with really great comedians! You’ll find a lot of up-and-coming comedians tour around London in order to test new material & gain a following, so you can see some great acts. They’ll often have quite a few different as well so there’s usually something in there that’ll make you laugh. Have a look here for the best spots in London.

London Comedy Nights


Food markets & festivals

This is one I always come back to – food markets & festivals are the best….wondering around discovering new food, sampling delicious things in an environment where no one is in a rush or ‘hangry’ – such a dream in London. Plus, all you usually find British producers and discover new artisan brands so you’ll also get a big tick for supporting local. I wish I could be more original and not mention it, but Borough market really is the best and has lots of lovely pubs/coffee spots nearby if you get thirsty after all the food. Here are a list of a few more (they also mention Borough!) It’s a great way to hang out with your friends too without having to pay restaurant prices whilst you catch up.

London Markets


Food again….I know. But brunch is just so good! There are so many amazing offerings around London and it’s a great meal time to make the most of as it’s designed for people who don’t want to get up too early and caters for those who also have evening plans (nice, fun people). You’ll often discover more interesting food combos, e.g. Dishoom with their Indian-inspired brunch options, but can also guarantee that anyone who mentions the word brunch on their menu will serve you that avo on sourdough that you probably find yourself constantly craving.   Let’s not also forget that brunch is close enough to lunch to justify a few sociable drinks (with time to drink enough water and avoid a hangover the next day). I don’t think this one needs a link – see if your favourite restaurant does brunch, or a Google search will bring up plenty for you to browse through.

Brunch option 2

London Parks

Although we live in a city, we really do have some of the best parks, especially those in the city. Regents Park even has a zoo!? Whether it’s sunny or crispy outside, it’s always so lovely to take a stroll around one of London’s amazing parks with a cup of coffee. It’s a great thing to do with friends, or a great place to escape the busy streets when you’re shopping/working/sightseeing. Our favourite has to be Richmond Park as we grew up nearby and have such amazing memories from when we were tiny Squirrels.

London Parks

London Pop-ups

Whether it’s food, fitness, art or antiques, London has so many pop-ups going on all the time with something for everyone! has a monthly list of those going on as do Time Out and Foodism. We’re loving the trend of all the supper clubs and fitness based brunches – makes you feel like you’re doing something a bit out of the ordinary restaurant/gym scene at the same time as experiencing fun activities and usually getting some nice grub cooked for you.

London Pop-ups

Antique Shops & Markets

These have always brought up a feeling of clutter, unwanted random dinner sets and musty smells but exploring antique shops and flee markets has become a real pleasure, and is SO satisfying when you find a gem. I’m not sure if this is a trend or I enjoy this more now because I’m older, either way, London has so many places to discover which are always stocked with interesting pieces from our cosmopolitan population. If you don’t have the patience to do this yourself, but want some lovely one-off pieces, a couple of our friends recently set up a business called RYE (Respect Your Elders) where they have already done the gem-discovering for you – they have an online shop and also regularly attend markets where they sell their beautiful things.

Antique market pic