Paris (sans Gluten)

Written by Sophie

It was my birthday this October and I got treated to an amazing trip to Paris, where despite being gluten-free we got to enjoy plenty of cakes, bread, and even a pizza! We had such a fantastic time so I wanted to share a few things that we did when we were over there…

Food & Drinks

We initially thought we might be quite restricted eating out in Paris and not being able to eat gluten, but we followed our google maps around to the spots we’d been recommended and were able to see loads of different neighbourhoods and places we wouldn’t have visited otherwise. We enjoyed every single place we ate at despite not being able to have the classic baguette or a croissant.



This is a 100% gluten-free bakery and it’s amazing! They don’t have croissants, but they have loads of different tarts, madeleines, fruit breads, cookies and the most delicious focaccia bread. We bought some of the onion & anchovie focaccia to take home with us and it lasted really well. Apparently they have their own mill in the South of France to ensure that even their very beginning processes are 100% gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs.



Apparently this place is run by someone who is celiac so everything they do is 100% GF. They also do dairy-free and vegan option if you prefer that as well. They have a couple of outlets and we went to the one in Passage des Panoramas, which is a really great location as it’s surrounded by antique shops and is a really old part of Paris that you may not visit otherwise. We enjoyed some delicious mains which were naturally gluten-free followed by sharing a piece of cheesecake. They have a takeaway with sandwiches and cakes opposite if you want to grab some treats or things for a picnic.


Big Love

This is a really buzzy little restaurant….it’s well-known in the neighbourhood for it’s brunches (which actually aren’t gf so don’t make the mistake we did and go early), and then from 12pm onwards they do the most delicious stone-baked gluten-free pizzas which are made purely from buckwheat and rice flour. Ian had to double check that they are acutally gf because they tasted so good!



They have a limited gf selection, but the one dish that is totally gf is a delicious roasted rack of lamb which will not disappoint. The views are great, the atmosphere is buzzy and the service is excellent so definitely one to visit (especially if you’re a Sex and the City fan and remember when Carrie went to Paris). Plus the cocktails are delicious!



One of Ian’s friends recommended this restaurant and it was definitely worth a visit! They offer a couple of tasting menus with 5-6 courses each, we had slightly different ones so we could try more things and it was well worth it!! Such a lovely atmosphere with delicious wines, excellent service and incredible food. They were brilliant with tailoring the menu to be gluten-free and would adjust to other requirements too if you needed it. Would definitely recommend this for a special occasion.


Cheeseboards & red wine

We did this a few times….there are so many places to choose from for this and we found a couple in Le Marais which were really great and perfect spots for people watching too. Generally as they were so busy we just had to ask for ‘Assiete de fromage sans le pain’ (sorry to anyone French reading this) rather than quiz about gluten, then with a carafe of delicious red wine.


Out & About

Le Marais

We stayed in this area and I would definitely recommend it to anyone going to Paris! Loads of the eateries that we looked up are around this area and there are also loads of nice shops. There are also plenty of places open on a Sunday when a lot of people in Paris shut their shops & eateries.

Crazy Horse Show

This was very entertaining! A lot more nudity than expected, but very French and despite the nakedness it wasn’t at all seedy. It’s an experience worth going to if you’re not sensitive to that kind of thing, and we really enjoyed the show and the variety throughout.

Velib bikes

We never even rent bikes in London but as it was a nice day we looked up how to do this over in Paris. A similar concept to Boris / Santander bikes; the system was really easy, you can just turn up at the various bike stations, put your payment details in and then you’re free to borrow the bike. Note upfront – you have to put a ‘hold’ on EUR150 in case anything goes wrong with the bike, but it gets immediately refunded to your card when you return the bike. You can buy 1 or 7 day passes and the first 30 mins is free. Would definitely recommend doing this as there are little roads along the river which are purely for bikes & pedestrians and are so lovely to cycle along, plus Paris is pretty flat.


Collete concept store

Apparently this is the most famous concept store in Paris and it was definitely worth a visit. Colette has curated 2 floors worth of interesting fashion, books, accessories, candles and other random items. There is also a café in the basement. It’s in a really nice area near the Louvre…we had a coffee at a café opposite and sat outside watching all the very well-dressed people go about their days.


Selfie photo spots

Both of us had been to Paris before but we still wanted to wonder around the Eiffel Tower, Chanse l’Eysee, the Louvre and Monmatre, even just to get the classic selfie shots.


Travel & accommodation

Eurostar: we travelled by Eurostar and went on Friday at 13.30 (arrived around 4.50pm) then commuted back into London on Monday morning – we got the 7.45am and got in at 9am in time to get to work.


Les Jardins des Marais: This hotel was very simple; a great location and comfortable. Not anything special, but we were out and about so much that we wanted to spend more on other things rather than the hotel. It was nice though and I do think they have some more expensive suites available if you wanted a bit more luxury.


Blogs we used for recommendation which definitely deserve some credit: