Review: TRX at HeartCore Fitness (Chelsea)

Written By Gracie (who went along with Sophie)

Sophie and I recently tried out a TRX class at HeartCore Fitness. The first session is complimentary…a try before you buy situation and if you like it you can buy a package or pay as you go. They don’t just do TRX at Heartcore, they have a  range of classes including dynamic pilates, barre, cyclecore, kettlecore and private training.


Single class – £27
5 classes –    £125 (£25 each)
10 classes –  £220 (£22 each)
20 classes –  £400 (£20 each)
40 classes –  £700 (£17.50 each)

What is TRX?

TRX is a type of HIIT workout, which incorporates suspension training leveraging your own body weight and gravity to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance simultaneously. In every exercise your entire core will be activated as a stabilizer. This class burns serious fat and helps tone, which in the long run makes you leaner.

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(Pics: You use the TRX ropes like the lady in the picture)

What we thought:

Our first experience of HeartCore was over the phone with a lovely girl (I think her name was Jade) – who explained everything really well and helped us to understand what we would get out of the different classes available. She was very friendly, open and approachable about all questions we asked; this immediately reassured us that the studio was well organised and that the class would be worthwhile.

We went to the studio in Chelsea, just off the Kings road. There is no check in or reception at this studio, which we were warned about on the phone when we booked but as it was our first time we were slightly unsure about what we should do and where we should wait. It would have been helpful to have a sign somewhere explaining.

The changing room was great, equipped with hair dryers, straighteners, towels, lovely showers, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, hair-ties and there were even baskets of tampons in the toilets. However there were no lockers so we took our things into the studio with us.

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The classroom itself is great and fully air-conditioned, which is a must as you sweat a LOT. There is a great sound system for music to be played throughout your class.

We had a lovely instructor called Rebecca, who was so good – she worked us hard but was also encouraging, making the class really enjoyable. I was a beginner so it was really helpful to have such a nice instructor for my first time. Rebecca gave us quick and well explained demos before each exercise, which helped us to understand and as they were quick it didn’t hinder the experience of the regulars in the class.

The class was seriously hard work and we all felt the burn, but we loved that because it really felt like we were achieving something and using muscles we never normally use. I was stiff for about 4 days after the class, which shows it really does work. Both of us absolutely loved the class and would definitely do it again especially if we can get a class with Rebecca as she made it! It was also great that the classes are so small (we only had 7 in ours) because you get much more attention, instruction and help with posture if you are struggling.

N.B. We chose the studio in Chelsea, but there are also studios in Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Fulham, City and Park Lane (Jade told us that this one has a sauna too!). For more info check out their website: