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Written By Gracie 

Sabai Leela is located in Earls Court, so is very local for me as I live about 5 minutes away. I have been to Sabai Leela a few times since living here and normally go for the 30 minute upper body, deep tissue massage. This is amazing for quick relief, although at times it can be quite painful because they really press down into your muscles to get rid of all the knots and tension.

If you haven’t experienced a deep tissue massage before then you may get a bit of a shock because it can be very painful and cause you to feel stiff the next day. This is because all the tension is brought to the surface so it won’t be till about the second day that you feel the real benefits.

The Treatment:

This time I decided to treat myself to something a bit different, so I went for the ‘Herbal Heat compress (Nuad Prakop)’. You can have a 90 minute or 120 minute massage with this treatment, I chose the 90 minute. When you get there you change into a white robe then get taken to your room. The first half of the treatment involves the masseuse massaging you with the herbal compress, which is a collection of carefully selected medicinal herbs, tightly wrapped in muslin and steamed until hot.

thai-compress(Pic: The muslin cloth herbal compress balls)

The compress releases aromas and medicinal properties to stimulate acupressure points. The second half involves the masseuse using her hands to give you a traditional Thai massage.

The benefits of herbal heat compress:

  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Relief from muscular aches, pains and tension
  • Stimulation and improvement in the lymphatic system
  • Alleviation from a number of conditions including migraines, arthritis, bronchitis and chronic stress
  • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, which are particularly helpful for healing minor skin complaints

What I Thought:

I found this massage incredibly relaxing. The heat and aroma from the compress makes it so easy to drift off and the traditional Thai massage for the second half is amazing because it relieves any muscle tension. I felt so relaxed after and slept amazingly well that night. The next day I noticed my back felt so much better and all the tension had gone.

I LOVE Sabai Leela, all the staff are so professional and welcoming. They always make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. The spa has such a tranquil feel to it, which enables you to unwind. The massage rooms are lit by candles and they have soothing music playing throughout. They also have a steam room and sauna, which all customers can use before or after their treatment.  After your treatment you get given a sweet Thai tea and can sit and relax in reception while you drink it.


(Pic: One of the treatment rooms)


(Pic: The Sauna, Steam and shower room)

This treatment isn’t cheap… it’s £95 for 90 minutes so isn’t something I would ever do regularly.  It’s a real treat, but definitely worth trying out if you can.

I would highly recommend Sabai Leela, I’ve always left feeling refreshed and invigorated and overall always had a wonderful experience.

N.B: It is also possible to have couples massages.


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