Cacao Brownie Share Bag (Box of 10)


Introducing Squirrel Sisters share bags… created to give consumers the option they have been craving… healthy treat alternatives

Award-winning | Gluten-free | Vegan | Raw | Grain-free | 100% natural | Made with the highest quality, whole ingredients | No added sugar | Certified by Sugarwise

One of the ONLY healthy snack brands available that don’t add any syrups, pastes or sugar alternatives, which is why we have been certified by Sugarwise. Our products are a healthier choice because they also contain fibre, vitamins and minerals.  We only use whole dates to bind and sweeten our products.

Each share bag is 80g and you get 10 x share bags per order.


If you are interested in getting a regular delivery of our delicious snack bars, then please email us for details on discounts that we can offer you.

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