Quick & healthy snack ideas

Written by Sophie

I really enjoy cooking and preparing food, but there are times where you just want something easy, quick that you know is healthy and will fill you up!  Here are our top go-to snacks that can be scaled up to make a meal.

1. Rice cakes/corn cakes

These are a perfect base to add simple things like almond butter for breakfast or hummus for lunch (both giving you good fats to keep you fuller for longer). I often squash a falafel on there and top it up with a bit of hummus or even tahini if I haven’t made any hummus.  Good source of carbs, low calorie with the topping giving you the protein and fats you need to fill you up and keep you going.

2. Nutribullet/smoothie

Chuck in some veg, fruit, seeds/nuts and you’re ready to blitz.  I find these really filling, they always give me a boost and they’re so quick and easy to make because you just need to wash and chop up a bit and it’s really easy to clean.  I have had them as an afternoon snack and they really do perk me up when I’m feeling tired.

3. Cereal & Milk

There are some delicious and healthy options out there at the moment without refined sugar (we love Spoon Cereal and Primrose Kitchen.)  So make sure you read the label and stock your cupboards up with a nice crunchy meal/snack throughout the day.  You can also add porridge to this list, good old jumbo oats with a bit of boiling water and whatever else you fancy.

4. Courgetti and pesto

This sounds like a strange one, but if you have a spiraliser, it’s so easy to do (or if not then you can just use a simple vegetable peeler to make the strips), then if you have some pesto or sundried tomato paste in the fridge it’s a perfect mix.  I often have this as a lunch option or little snack in the afternoon.  You can pre-spiralise if you want to do some weekend prep for the week ahead too.

5. Squirrel Bars!!!

We couldn’t write a blog post about go-to snacks without including our own delicious bars!  These are the highest quality bars out there, made from 100% natural ingredients. They are really filling, give you a good mix of protein, carbs, fibre and (good) fats so do give you a boost and keep you going, as well as being a nice little treat if you’re looking for something a bit more special.  We have done lots of testing on our friends and family and we have them eating them constantly now, and promise we haven’t paid them to do that!  Click here to browse our shop if you fancy trying some.