Top 5 affordable snacks

Written by Sophie

It’s easy to eat well if you plan and prep….but sometimes it’s tricky to find the time, inspiration and motivation for yummy healthy snacks without breaking the bank! So here are a few ideas that you can buy when you’re out and about or make at home in advance when you’re on the go. Our top 5 snacks are all good for you, tasty and affordable.

Avocado & seeds

Half an avocado with some seeds on top (or mashed and mixed together if you have time to do this in the morning) is perfect as it’s full of good fats and protein and will keep you going…as well as both being very good for digestion, blood sugar and skin. I usually add a pinch of Himalayan salt & chilli flakes for extra flavour too.

Apple & nuts

Very simple but also excellent for giving you a natural boost which is sweet but low in sugar. Also really easy to pick up from pretty much any food-based shop…Combining the apple with a small handful of nuts you balance out the natural sugar in the fruit and keeps you going. When I’m feeling a bit low in energy in the afternoon I honestly find an apple perks me up even more than something like a coffee (as I try not to drink this in the afternoon – don’t like to let anything get in the way of a good nights’ sleep).

Oatcakes & Almond butter

This one is a bit more substantial, so it’s great if you’ve got a long gap before the next meal or just need a bit of extra sustenance to get you through! Oatcakes are really filling and full of good fibre to keep you going, and the good fats in the almond butter are also excellent for slow-release energy. I know this one is a bit more tricky to have on the go (unless you decant the almond butter into tuppeware pts), but Nairn do some great little snack-packs and Pip & Nut do great squeeze packs of their nut butters.

Squirrel Bars

Well we couldn’t possibly talk about snacks without including our all time favourites! Squirrel bars really are fantastic for keeping you going, delicious and realy good for you. The are a sweet snack/treat and totally natural and are even a lot lower in sugar than a lot of the other ones out there. They retail at £1.99 and are available in Boots (even in the meal deal so even more affordable!), Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Revital and Holland & Barret online (full list here).


There are now some amazing flavoured popcorns out there and I always find that Popcorn is great when you’re a little bit hungry and fancy something to graze on which also satisfies you in terms of taste. I know we should technically only eat when we’re really hungry, but sometimes we just want something to keep us going which lasts more than 5 minutes. Popcorn is also quite easy to get hold of from food outlets like Pret & Eat, and most supermarkets. Our favourite brand is definitely Propercorn!