Vegan Kale Soup

Written By Gracie 

This recipe is really simple and only takes 30 minutes. Its great as a starter or as a main dish if you have it with a side of rye bread.

It is gluten and wheat free, vegan, diet friendly and paleo.

N.B You will need a food blender

* Serves 2-3


  • 200g x Kale (remove the thick stalks)
  • 1 x Red onion
  • 3 x Garlic cloves (crushed)
  • 800ml x Boiling water
  • 3 Tbsp Bouillon powder reduced salt
  • Black pepper
  • Olive oil (fry frying)


1) Boil the kettle

2) Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a large pan and add the onion. Fry until soft

3) Add the kale and fry for a few minutes until it starts to wilt.

4) Add the crushed garlic and fry for a further 1 minute

5) While the garlic is cooking measure out the boiling water and add the bouillon powder. Stir until it dissolves then pour the stock over the kale.

6) Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

7) Once ready pour half the mix into a blender and blend until smooth. Then pour it into a bowl/jug.

8) Pour the other half into the blender and pulse once or twice so the kale breaks up a bit but isn’t smooth.

9) Pour both the smooth mix and pulsed mix back into the main pan and mix together.

10) season with a pinch of pepper. It doesn’t need any extra salt as the bouillon powder has enough in it.

N.B. You can eat this straight away or wait for it to cool and keep it covered and refrigerated for a few days and re heat whenever you want some.