What I eat in A Day (Gracie)

Written By Gracie 

I find it really interesting and inspiring to see what people eat in their day so I have decided to do the occasional ‘what I eat in a day’ blog post with pictures and ingredient lists to give you guys some healthy inspiration.

This is an example of when I make stuff from scratch, but each day varies depending on what I am doing. My schedule is always very hectic and unpredictable; whether I’m off filming, running around London getting to auditions, attending meetings or working from home. However unpredictable I will always make sure I make time for breakfast at home, even if that means getting up earlier than I have to because I believe breakfast is the most important meal and sets you up for your day.

I tend to make most things in bulk when I make them from scratch. I will freeze the rest or leave it in the fridge to have later in the week or take the leftovers in tupperware boxes when I’m on the go. I find making things in bulk can save a lot of money and also means that you will be more likely to make healthy choices in the week because no matter how late you get home or how tired you are, you have something nutritious and delicious waiting for you in the fridge.


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I started my day with an amazingly pink juice. Ingredients: beetroot, apple, celery, broccoli and lemon.

I also made a delicious bowl of porridge. Ingredients: Rude health porridge oats, which I heated up with almond milk then stirred in matcha powder and manuka honey. For the topping I sprinkled on blueberries, passion fruit and mixed seeds.


photo 1 photo-1

Lunch was kale and peas (which I had boiled) mixed with Mr Organics basil pesto and whole pine kernels. So good and surprisingly filling!


photo 3

Around 3/4pm I was hitting a bit of a slump so sliced up a banana and spread on Biona smooth almond butter. This is such a delicious snack and full protein, the perfect afternoon pick me up.  I also had a cup of Pukka matcha green tea to give me an extra boost.


image image

Dinner was homemade healthy green Thai curry with cauliflower rice. The Thai curry ingredients:  homemade curry paste (lemongrass, onion, chilli’s, kaffir lime, ginger, garlic, olive oil, ground coriander, ground cumin and fresh coriander) with reduced fat coconut milk, green beans, spinach, chicken and stock. The cauliflower rice ingredients: cauliflower, kale and turmeric.

Cauliflower rice is an amazing alternative because it tastes like you are eating rice (without the carbs) and fills you up like rice does because of its high water content.

For pudding I had Sophie’s delicious baked apple, which honestly is so good and tastes like apple strudel. The exact recipe and directions for this can be found on Sophie’s recent blog post: https://squirrelsisters.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/baked-apples/

2 thoughts on “What I eat in A Day (Gracie)

  1. Love the curry can’t seem to find recipe, see ingredients but not method :/.

    A day in my food life…


    Porridge berries juice tangerines and banana, muesli if I don’t want hot porridge two cups of tea all consumed at 6/6.30 Coffee at 10″ sadly with a sugar

    Lunch if in: at 12 /12.30

    Prawns cooked with garlic lemon juice chili and peppers and red onion (I make enough for two Days) for a lunch otherwise it’s scramble two eggs or omelette with sauerkraut and oat crackers. Or chicken with salad usually some left over from night before in both cases.

    Almonds as snack or mashed banana on toast OR ANOTHER bLOODY BANANA!

    Dinner if in:

    …always eaten early ….chicken on the bone cooked in terracotta pot with garlic chilic Onion and peppers sprinkled with salt and pepper and lemon and little bit of o oil…chuck in for 35’mins and all done in the one dish ..eat with with sweet potato..(I always cook a few at a time so,I can bulk out lunch next day if needs be or any other meal…..chuck into tortilla as an alternative if not enough chicken or prawns. My other dinner is salmon cooked usual way and eat with spinach or green beans and sweet potato. I marinade the salmon in light soy ginger and garlic for about half an hour no more otherwise it’s too much …cook normally and then grill ..looks a it more appetising, my other fish is mackerel (not smoked) from waitrose in the freezer cabinet..a real find to grill from frozen either on a salad or usual spin/green b/s pot combo.

    Again if at home drink a lot of water.

    My addiction to bananas is a problem however Robyn told me about almonds which with my need to crunch was revelatory and brought some solace too.

    I have learnt about myself that I need to eat throughout the day and if I do that I don’t have those slumps…

    At the weekend I do a lot of breakfasts out so love a fry up ..sausage bacon Tom Bla bla..managing to stay away from the cake amazingly and when I eat dinner out I try and make good choices but often fail,..so,I guess you can say the 80% of the time I’m good 20% I do what I feel like.

    At home today so,a good day….? Frances


    1. Mmmmm you do make good choices. I didn’t realise you had such a banana addiction :)…. I love bananas as well and only just realised my love for banana and almond butter.

      I love the sound of the salmon marinated in soya sauce and ginger and the chicken cooked in a terracotta. Always a good idea to make in bulk, I find it makes things so much easier for lunches etc.

      I loved that lunch you made me and Sophie when she last came back to visit- mashed avocado on brown bread with salad, balsamic vinegar and lots of lemon juice. That was delicious!!

      We were saying we should arrange lunch/coffee for when she next comes down to London xxx

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