A Happy Healthy Office

You spend a huge amount of your life working so it’s important to make your office a healthy and happy environment. A happy office means happy people and happy people get better results. We’ve listed some of our favourite products that keep us feeling good when in the office…


As an office we are obsessed with tea, we get through so many mugs a day. What we love about T-Plus is that it’s tea with the added benefit of vitamins and nutrients! T-Plus take the best bits of green, herbal and fruit teas and add vitamins, which see you feeling healthy and alert, which is vital when running a business.

Riverford Organic Farms Fruit & Veg Box

We are a snack company so always have Squirrel Snacks available to the team but we think it’s important to keep fuelled on fruit and vegetables. Riverford is a fantastic option for offices because you can get weekly deliveries of wonderful, organic fruit and veg boxes in different sizes depending on how big your team is. We usually always bring in our own lunches in so having a box of veg that we can chop up and add is great and then have the option of fruit to snack on during the day to keep those energy levels up.

Bol Foods

We usually always bring our lunches into work (having made them the night before) but sometimes life takes over and there just isn’t time. On the occasion that we have to buy lunch our go to at the moment is Bol – 100% plant-based ready meals that are tasty and affordable. You can choose from veg pots, salad jars and super soups.


Krave Jerky

We’ve always been a bit skeptical of meat jerky so avoided it but when we found Krave the packaging caught our eye so we decided to give it a go (for those in the office that aren’t vegan/veggie). The verdict…  extremely impressed! It’s high quality, delicious and an all round nutritious snack. It’s high protein, low calorie, gluten-free and the salmon jerky is high in omega 3.

Klean Kanteen Straws

Plastic straws are a big No No so we were really pleased to find these reusable straws from Klean Canteen. Made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel with a safe, food grade, removable silicone flex tip. We have a set of them in the office, which are great for drinking smoothies from in the morning and our after work G&T’s (it is about balance after all).

Blend Bros

We try to bring in homemade lunches so having these delicious sugar free sauces in the office fridge really helps spruce our lunches up. Blend Bros is the first range of sugar free sauces to hit the UK market including Sweet Chilli, Smoky BBQ, Piri Piri and Ketchup, all designed to keep flavour on the menu without the guilt, and they can be used for both dipping and marinating!

Minor Figures Coffee

An office without coffee is not an office. This on the go nitro cold brew coffee is has no added sugar and it’s vegan! “Nitro” means they’ve infused the coffee with silky nitrogen bubbles to give it a foamy texture. They use oat m*lk so it’s suitable for people following a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle. We are obsessed with the branding, it’s so cool and we love that they’ve used cans instead of plastic bottles, which are 100% recyclable.


We would love to say that we freshly make our juices but we are human and have busy lives so B-Fresh is a convenient healthy way to get our daily fruit and veg hit. Using veg that’s grown on a farm in Shropshire, UK. They cold press the juice (keeping the flavour as delicious and fresh as possible) to keep the nutrients and vitamins as in tact as possible so you get all the goodness (96% more nutrients that preserved juices). They use High Pressure Processing (HPP) so the juice stays as fresh for as long as possible so you don’t have to worry about sell-by-dates (they last up to 30 days).

Gatö & Co

When it hits about 3pm everyone in the office tends to get a chocolate craving, so (when we aren’t eating Squirrel bars) we will treat ourselves to a delicious Gatö dessert, which is prefect for the office because you can just pop it in a microwave and it’s ready in minutes. Made with nutritious ingredients like aubergine, courgette, almonds and dates and containing 40% less sugar than similar products. The puds are also gluten and dairy free! Delicious and indulgent without the guilt… pick from 3 flavours: sticky toffee pudding, chocolate and coconut brownie and chocolate fondant.